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Live Stream || Obama Fiscal Policy Speech

22 thoughts on “Live Stream || Obama Fiscal Policy Speech”

  1. Yes–choices. Tough choices… Yes, not much is discretionary. This sounds familiar. Dreamily–where have I heard it.

    Uh-oh–“Here’s the truth.” Another drink for that one? Along with make no mistake, last thing at nite first thing in the morning? Shall we add it?

  2. Which is it–the big ole railroad building America with rich seniors or the sad one living within its means? I always want more choices, speaking of choices. I see once again he bought out the Straw Man Store. I will shut up…this is so predictable…does he not know sometimes people listen to this stuff?

    1. They look sound recent grads who are so grateful for their jobs that they’ll say anything. Having never held a job that producing anything or being held accountable for the bottom line, their prattle sounds like Econ 101.
      They’re kinda funny, too. Talking about ‘keeping our economy competitive’ and our dependence on foriegn oil like they actually know what they’re talking about.
      Ooops, now they’re experts on “education” with a letter from another straw man, ooops it’s from a child. Oh, my….the President’s vision is much better than the (dastardly) Repubs on educational spending.
      Oh, lordy, I need a drink. This is the caliber of the support staff in the WhiteHouse? no wonder we’re in so much trouble.
      Time for some tea with a bit of Jack.

      1. Star, srden, I forgot to take down the video, and when I tuned back into my own website, I’m like, “What is this?” I couldn’t listen. Have you been to Capitol Hill lately? These are the types who are writing out laws. And there’s lots of them at the White House too.

        A little experience before they get a real job . . .

        Paraphrasing Jack Kennedy, who said after he appointed Bobby AG that he wanted to give him a little experience before he started practicing law.

        Now there was a clever president. He and Reagan were the only modern ones who could really throw a quip.

  3. Once again was the call to raise taxes on “families” making more than $250,000 per year (and once again no explanation of how it’s fair to tax a family of six making $250,000 at a higher rate than a family of three making $200,000). So I guess his “Making Work Pay” tax plan means that if you work hard and make a lot of money, then you’re going to pay for that.

  4. Who needs a Peel Grant when all you have to do is turn on the TV every day and listen to him lecture. His theme for the 2012 campaign is “Win the Future”…maybe before he gets that far he should have a “Pay for the Past” campaign.

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