As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Today’s Obama Schedule || April 13, 2011

10:40 pm || Meets with bipartisan House and Senate leadership to discuss fiscal policy
1:35 pm || Delivers speech on fiscal policy

All Times Eastern
WHD will live stream the Obama speech.

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13 Responses to Today’s Obama Schedule || April 13, 2011

  1. I suppose a speech IS a big deal, but seriously, judging from the daily calendar you print, is this all he does all day? Every day? My dog works harder.

    • He has private meetings that are not on the schedule. I think they are purposely dialing him back publicly because they overexposed him in the first two years. Like, the more he talked about it, the less popular his health plan became, for e.g.

  2. Will Barry be on time for his own ‘party’ this afternoon? He usually runs late. And why in the afternoon…not an evening speech? American Idol or Dancing With The Stars conflicts? Or possibly…sliding it out ‘there’ when nobody is around to listen or watch.

    On a side note…Keith any WH buzz on the BC? Because from my reading this early a.m. I am seeing alot of ‘respectable’ internet news services (IBD for one) covering it. What has Mr. Trump’s investigative team found?

    • Mary, as you would expect, it’s not something White House reporters discuss with each other for fear of seeming “lunatic fringe.” But it may be changing. I asked a couple of colleagues there the other day if the WH had ever explained why Obama does not releases his birth certificate, and they seemed to take the question seriously, averring that no, they hadn’t.

      • Last nite O’Reilly sought to dispel all the “myths.” He said the birth certificate is in a “bound” book in some vault…I guess it can’t be torn out. Sounded weird. He also said the college records, the medical records, who paid for his college, etc–all not released.. Michelle’s law license was not revoked–just not active. He seemed to think this cleared things up. This is getting pretty stupid–I am wondering what I am not supposed to pay attention to again.