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Obama Morning News || April 12, 2011

President Obama is open to a deal with Republicans on the debt ceiling, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Donald Trump tells the Journal his candidacy is increasingly likely and that if he doesn’t get the GOP nod he may run as an independent. Trump is showing the other GOP lightweights how to pound Obama, writes Joe Curl in the Washington Times.

Obama will launch his own reelection effort with a pair of Chicago fundraisers.

In his deficit speech Wednesday, Obama will reference the approach taken by his bipartisan deficit commission and set some goals, but he’ll provide few details on how to get there, the Washington Post writes. The president has resisted talking about entitlement reform, but his hand was forced by the budget released by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc,), according to POLTICO.

Obama managed to protect his favored programs from cuts in last week’s budget deal, Fox News reports. Time lists the five things Obama learned about Speaker Boehner during the negotiations.

It took the Libya battle to snap Sen. John McCain out of his 2008 funk and back into battle with Obama, Newsweek says.

And two months after the Tucson shootings, Obama’s gun control agenda is nowhere.

13 Responses to Obama Morning News || April 12, 2011

  1. Obama is going to try to run the clock out on the Republicans. He has no plan and will not involve himself in the discussion. As we have seen the Senate can sit on their hands. The Republicans/Tea Party need to get a first class dog and pony together and get input from voters, especially independent voters.

    The Planned Parenthood defunding issue shows that the Republicans aren’t able to mount an intelligent counter to the Democrats attacks. They have failed to disseminate information that there are programs in all of the 50 states that provide women health services. Congress has provided funding for over 15 years through the CDC. PP is actually competing with the CDC for providing similar services.

    • And Holy Smoke…such a untouchable ‘third rail’ is Planned Parenthood that Obama was willing to SHUT DOWN the entire government to assure funding PP. Why are the RINOs not screaming THAT from the roof tops? Along with the histrionics of women ‘dying’ because they don’t get a voucher referral, from PP, to agencies that ACTUALLY DO mammograms (state funded for poor women!) where is the Right correcting these bold face lies?

      (Cue the sound of crickets).

    • You have touched on one of my fears Mary. Trump has a close relationship with the Emanuel brothers…Rham (never let a crisis go to waste), Ezekiel (Obamacare death panels) and Ari (his long time friend and agent). I’m not one to believe in conspiracy theories, but a good portion of this family has proven to be very dangerous to America’s freedom. We should be very wary of an independent run by Trump. If he truly loves this country, as he claims he does, he wouldn’t run as an independent.

  2. Keith, Thank you for keeping me up-to-date on the goings on in MSM. Love your synopsis of the articles. The Time article is very interesting. Whenever a liberal rag praises a Republican my antenna goes up. Yesterday, I watched some interview on Fox with Kirsten Powers where she was praising Boehner for the budget deal. How can you tell Boehner sold out the TEA party? Just listen to all the praise heaped on him by liberals.

    • I don’t think he sold out the Tea Party–this has to come in stages–if he had gotten no cuts, the handwriting of failure would have been 10 feet high! The PP thing–to me–is a red herring. I was shocked that the lefties overblew it so much-killing women, hate women. It just sounded so…stupid to me. As for Kirsten, she comes off as a lightweight–I do like to see these young women get a time in the sun, though. May I add on that–I don’t love the bare cocktail dresses on the news on Fox, though. That Harris woman, whatever her name is, always has cleavage on display. Come on, women, serious up.

      • i often wonder if fox knows that heavy set, modest looking, short legged,
        small cleavage woman also have journalist degrees… fair and balanced my ass… they should be sued for thier blatant discrimination…

    • Thanks Susan, glad you like the Obama news. I know we disagree on Boehner, but I admit it was something of a close call for me. I agree w Star below and I think he’s changed the terms of the debate to “what can we cut.” Anyway, it’s good to hear your views.