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Obama Drew the Line at Planned Parenthood

Bloomberg provides a fly on the wall account of Speaker Boehner’s failure to get President Obama to make any cuts to planned parenthood funding during last week’s budget negotiations.

For more than an hour in an Oval Office meeting on April 7, House Speaker John Boehner had insisted that any compromise on the government’s budget include a prohibition on federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

Obama already had reluctantly agreed to a provision banning the District of Columbia from spending funds on abortion services — and that was as far as he would go.

“Nope, zero,” he told Boehner, according to a senior Democratic aide. “John, this is it.” The room went silent.

And that was it.

12 thoughts on “Obama Drew the Line at Planned Parenthood”

  1. Planned Parenthood = eugenics. They are nothing more than an abortion mill. Funny how liberals get all fired up when they hear about puppy mills, but turn a blind eye to this group. I believe the federal government should have absolutely no involvement in the abortion issue, whether it is with funding or prohibiting abortions, and using taxpayer dollars to kill babies is abominable. Lila Rose (Live Action) has done many exposes on PP that are real eyeopeners.

  2. Thats cause planned parent hood is needed,goes hand in hand with welfare

    Dont you dare stop the drones Barry,screw Pakistan.You was off to a good start but been slacking on them all month,get them missiles airborne now

    And quit wasting our time with this budget crap,suck it up and let us fix what you dont understand. You best bone up quick cause whether he is elected or not,or even runs period.Donald’s coming to eat you alive.

  3. Boehner is spineless and needs to be removed from office. The cuts he obtained were miniscule, and in return he folded to Democrat demands to fund Planned Parenthood infanticide with our tax dollars and created the multi-trillion Obamacare entitlement.

    More sand in the vaseline for the American taxpayers.

  4. Yup, love where his priorities are. He was willing to go to the mat to keep killing babies, so much so that he was willing to shut the govt down and stop paying our service people for it. He’s a prince.

  5. Remember this is the man who fought for babies who survived an abortion to be left to die in sterile hold. Ice must run though his veins to not want to save a new born child fighting for life.

  6. Acc to WSJ today, PP did more than 332,000 abortions in 2009–every 95 seconds…Of the pregnant women who sought help, only 3% got fam planning or prenatal, the rest…well…

  7. The Rep. are not able to articulate their positions. They come off sounding like extremist. Their is Federal funding for woman’s health services. The Rep. could not explain funding PP is a duplicate program and is taking money away from the existing program. The Federal budget is full of funding for duplicate programs .

  8. Goodness, this is the first time I have ever heard of Obama doing anything with which I agreed. Why in the world would we want to bring unwanted MORE unwanted babies into this world? Abortion is not a good thing, but I think Obama was right on this.

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