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Obama’s SUV Crack Says a Lot About Obama

We all accidentally reveal ourselves by the little things we say. Sometimes, presidents do too, even ones who try always to keep their cool.

The following is from Obama’s “Town Hall Discussion on Energy” in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania last Wednesday. It’s very revealing.

I notice some folks clapped, but I know some of these big guys, they’re all still driving their big SUVs.  You know, they got their big monster trucks and everything.  You’re one of them?  Well, now, here’s my point.  If you’re complaining about the price of gas and you’re only getting eight miles a gallon — (laughter) — you may have a big family, but it’s probably not that big.  How many you have?  Ten kids, you say?  Ten kids?  (Laughter.)  Well, you definitely need a hybrid van then.

This statement fails on so many levels. And it says so much about our president.


Let’s start with this one. Obama has no idea why the person who called him out – or why anyone, for that matter – has purchased an SUV. That became very clear when it turned out the person had eight children. But he assumes they are up to some kind of egregious mischief.


We get this little lecture on fuel economy from the president who thinks nothing of trucking a convoy of heavy-duty vehicles 15 miles to go golfing every other weekend, flying to Hawaii every year on vacation, or jetting to New York City for date night with his wife – who BTW flew separately last December to Hawaii for the family vacation and took a four day jaunt to Spain.

Class Resentment

Obama has carved out a nice chunk of change for himself, but the community organizer’s hatred of success and wealth abides within him.

There’s real contempt in the first two lines of the statement, with phrases like “their big SUVs.” This is a person who, while pursuing his own success, continues to resent you for yours.

Out of Touch

Hey buddy, you need a hybrid van. Go take all that money you have lying around and buy a new car!

The Man Who Saved Detroit?

Obama claims credit for saving the U.S. auto industry, and then criticizes those who contribute to its biggest profit center by buying SUVs and vans.

American the Small

Where is the American Dream here? Shouldn’t the American Dream be embodied in our president, especially one who has transcended America’s racial past – and his own upbringing without a father and with an often absent mother – to become America’s first black president?

The American Dream says you have the right to pursue happiness, to get the job you love, to make a lot of money, to have as many kids as you can support, and yes, to get the car you want.

Nobody, particularly the president of the United States, should make you feel guilty for it or criticize your choices.

Most people buy SUVs because they believe they need them. Maybe they only have two kids, but they want to be able to pack up the car with gear and travel to one of those National Parks in a display of gratitude for the president’s preventing a government shutdown. Or maybe they want to be able to get the dogs to the dog park.

Maybe they want to protect their children within a truck’s broad confines and heavy exterior.

Though most have reasons like these, you also do have the right to buy an SUV because YOU LIKE IT. To barrel down the highway in your big bad car, raise the suspension way up if you want, and feel like you own the road. Most of us do our best to contribute to society in some way, or in many ways. We have the right to our small extravagances, and the right to hope to pay as little as possible to fuel them.

See, Obama has all this backwards. If you have an SUV, you ESPECIALLY  have the right to complain about the price of gasoline, because you gotta pay for more of it. And what he needs to do is drill for more oil domestically, bully the Saudis to ratchet up production, and anything else he can think of to get the price at the pump down.

But we know, because his words reveal him, that that’s just not him.

20 thoughts on “Obama’s SUV Crack Says a Lot About Obama”

  1. He was definitely Mr Snide! He often is–there is often an edge, the blaming, the patronizing attempts at humor (not funny, all you need to remember–he is never funny, he does not have a funny bone anywhere in there). Sure, all clingers drive gas hogs, that is what we are all about. My kid and I don’t even have a car. How about that? On NPR, they had a segment on what it’s like not to be them–and someone “had” to eat Kraft Dinner. Kraft Dinner is expensive! There are cheaper things now. The whole “Value” line, etc.

    But, of course, we are all so stupid tooling around in our guzzlers that we wouldn’t notice that David Plouffe wears lipstick! What the… What shade–do you know, Keith? Although I was mesmerized by this, I admit–I heard him say Obamacare will save all the money we need to. Good one, Dave. Go play with Austan now.

    1. He has absolute contempt for us – and always has. This is a man who attended an expensive, exclusive private school in Hawaii, and Columbia, and Harvard. At Occidental he mooched off his wealthy Paki pal.

      He has no idea what it’s like to really be poor. And as a community organizer in Chicago, he was a voyeur – a spectator – much more closely aligned with his spoiled rich elitist buddy Bill Ayers & assorted other socialists/progressives/communists who came from wealthy families.

  2. Keith, you’d better believe that is the LAST unscreened audience Obie will Ever talk to again.. He probably got himself in a snit when the usual chuckin’ and jivin’ didn’t work, I’ll bet he lit up a nice big Marlboro afterwards.

  3. Some comments ago, I made a snide remark about MrO trying to put MrsO, the two children and FirstGranny into a ChevyVolt because I know it would be impossible. MrO displays his lack of understanding of the American way, the American family and sounds like a foreigner puzzled by our customs. We, the people, are his “enemies” who are too stupid to understand that the government, as he sees it, knows best. What we drive, how we live and what we eat should be determined by Federal mandate in his view.
    The latest news is that his upcoming, wishful thinking budget will call for raising the taxes on the “high income earners”. Americans don’t like that kind of thinking. We’re fair and don’t believe that a ‘high income earner” should be punished by paying more taxes than anyone else. Not too long ago the NYT wondered why Americans aren’t resentful of the wealthy; the answer is that we still believe that anyone in this country can become wealthy. This attitude of “wealthy vs everyone else” scares the public and shows the Obama administration really believes in “wealth redistribution”.

    MrO is not like us. He doesn’t understand us. MrsO’s programs assume that we all live in the inner city and don’t eat our veggies. She doesn’t understand us, either. They are not like us.

  4. He has made these type of remarks for the last 3 years. He is a closet racist, when it comes to income and social standing. He can do what he wants, but we are reckless it wasteful if we do the same thing.

  5. Excellent observation about being unintentionally transparent. Our president presents himself more like a stand-up comedian than an executive communicator. What is that saying about having respect for the office of the president? Oh yeah, and that involves dressing for the part also. Casual in dress, speech and thinking…hm-mmm- these actions don’t help generate respect.

    One more thing for President O – please stop dropping the ‘g’ from ‘ing’. We’re not ‘lookin’ for a buddy; we’re looking for a president.

    1. Yeah, the Pretender-in-Chief drops his consonants when he’s down with the folks. Kind of like how he pretends to be black when he has thug Jay-Z and Qaddafi entertainer Beyonce in the Sit room.

  6. Oh, please! There’s nothing wrong with a president encouraging conservation. Growng up, conservation wasn’t “anti-conservative” (Hell, they even share the same root word). Face it, if Obama was to say, “Zig,” you would write a blog about how “Zag” was more American.

  7. You could also add “hautiness” to this list. The look on his face was one of complete disdain for this peon who dared ask his ruler such an insolent question.

  8. What is stunning about this (aside from the lack of knowledge about hybrids; the condescension; the seeming manor born arrogance; and the total lack of empathy) is that it is hidden, scrubbed, only to be ‘seen’ on the internet (if you go looking for it, if you can find it).

    Remember GHWBush and the scanners at the check out? He didn’t know the price of milk? IT WAS FRONT PAGE NEWS! But Barry, talks down to a working man (who has a large, two parent family) belittles everything from his fertility to his bank account…and NOTHING to see here. Move along…isn’t Soetaro dreamy?

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