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Obama Morning News || Monday, April 11, 2011

A roundup of this morning’s Obamanews from around the web.

Obama is committed to cutting entitlements, the main driver of deficit spending, but will use a “scalpel” instead of a machete while taxing the rich, according to White House political adviser David Plouffe. A Wednesday speech in Washington will include broad goals, not specifics.

Meanwhile, Speaker Boehner prepares battle plans for passing the 2011 budget agreed to Friday night and for confronting Obama on the debt limit. Many conservatives are unhappy with Friday’s agreement, and it turns out not all the details are nailed down. The budget deal took a little-noticed – albiet small – bite out of Obamacare.

House Republicans are targeting Obama’s regulatory policies.

And a Colorado family was shocked when Obama mentioned an email by their boy saying his trip to Washington would be ruined by a shutdown.

12 thoughts on “Obama Morning News || Monday, April 11, 2011”

  1. I like the news roundup so much that you’re now the first place I visit when I wake up and the last place I visit when I go to sleep.

    Do you know that Obama said his waking up talking point again at Al Sharpton’s? He said that he thinks about the “American dream” first thing ….So it’s security, oil, jobs, and dreams so far. I have that soundbite for future use.

  2. Is his commitment to cutting entitlements as strong as his commitment to follow the recommendations of the Simpson-Bowles commission?

  3. Great another speech at another university with an audience full of Obamabots. I can hardly wait. So I guess the $3.7 trillion budget he submitted in February was just a mirage. The man is such a coward. Paul Ryan put his neck on the line with a bold budget outline and this man quickly dismissed it. Then he gets the Center for American Progress to whip up another budget that supposedly tackles entitlements? Once again, it is too little too late.

  4. A proposed budget with no specifics but a general outline is wishful thinking.
    The wishful thinking part is that the public will think he’s actually been working on a budget and wants to cut spending instead of making a another “hope and change” political speech.

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