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Is Michelle Obama Addicted to Pizza?

While leading her “Let’s Move!” campaign to promote healthier eating among our nation’s burgeoning youth, it turns out that Mrs. Obama herself has been sneaking out for . . . pizza!

That’s right, according to the blog Obama Foodorama, Mrs. Obama has visited Capitol Hill’s We The Pizza restaurant four times since becoming first lady, and twice in the last two months. And that’s just the pizza she’s be documented consuming as this one particular place.

According to the website, Michelle’s most recent visit to the establishment was on Saturday night. Her husband stayed home.

Mrs. Obama was also accompanied by a big party of about 15-20 pals and staff, and the group dined upstairs, at a single large table. Multiple pizzas were spotted on the table, and there was much laughter . . .

Of course there was much laughter. There were MULTIPLE PIZZAS on the table.

Now, let’s see what’s on the new school lunch menu Mrs. Obama helped craft for the nation’s school kids. Yes, among the raw carrots, broccoli, green pepper strips and cauliflower the children will be forced to eat is pizza on Fridays – but it’s one slice of whole wheat cheese pizza. Who wants to eat that?

I took a look at We The Pizza’s menu and there’s no whole wheat pizza! There is, however, a pepperoni pie, a sausage pie, and a salami pie. Gosh, I hope Mrs. Obama didn’t have any of those.

But I think she might have, because, see, there’s a pattern here.

We know that Michelle in recent weeks scarfed down a buffalo rib, polished off a small tub of mac ‘n cheese, stuffed the nation’s governors with a 2,200 calorie meal, and tried to assassinate the president of China with a 2,900 calorie dinner while serving her Super Bowl party guests bratwurst, kielbasa, cheeseburgers, buffalo wings, german potato salad, ice cream, and yes, deep dish pizza.

So, salami pizza pie? Bring it on!

Because as we know, the Nanny State tells its children the same thing guilty parents tell theirs: “Do as I say, not as I do.”

22 thoughts on “Is Michelle Obama Addicted to Pizza?”

  1. Now, now. You can’t expect to hold our overlords to the same standards as the hoi polloi. It’s very stressful to dictate what we should drive and eat. They deserve to have large automobiles and pizzas.

  2. So what is a typical”pizza”:
    a flour based dough (grain), a tomato sauce (fruit), cheese (dairy ), salami/pepperoni (meat product) and maybe a veggie or two.
    In whole, a well balanced meal if washed down with a glass of wine or beer to make you forget about all of the calories and saturated fat you just ate.

    Let’s pretend that after the pizza the whole group jogged back to the WhiteHouse while chanting “let’s move”.

  3. You are not and I repeat NOT going to be able to eat everything you like. You are NOT going to be able to drive the kind of car you like, and you’re not going to be able to heat your home like you used to.

    In the meantime, yes I had a great big cheesy gooey pizza for lunch. After lunch, I expelled a long belch and thought to myself, this is the first time I’m proud of me. I get to tell Americans what to eat, drive, and how much energy to use, while doing whatever I please. Americans need to just STFU.

  4. It is amazing to me that they didn’t know she was coming, and add a lobster pizza to the menu. The First Cow would have been on it like a yardbird on a Junebug.

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