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Video: Trump Demands Obama Birth Certificate

Here’s some video of Donald Trump outlining his case on the Obama birth certificate issue. What I’m wondering is, what do you think about the politics of this? Does Trump’s revival of this issue help President Obama by aiding him with Democrats and some independents who think the issue makes the GOP look like a circus, or does it hurt him by bringing up nagging questions among Republicans and other independents about Obama’s lack of transparency about elements of his background?

43 thoughts on “Video: Trump Demands Obama Birth Certificate”

  1. It’s a Good Question: Why would Barack Obama – who is not a billionaire – spend so much money to keep the long-form sealed?
    Damned Good question.

  2. I think Donald Trump made a good case for his position. It is absolutely right to keep on nagging about this and if more people start nagging even a biased media will have to find the missing birth certificate interesting. Because of course it is. Not to question all this secrecy that surrounds Obama is so unnatural that the “birthers” soon will be like the child in the HC Andersen fairy tale about the nude emperor.

  3. Apparently, Donald Trump’s agent is Rahm’s brother, that fact just reeks of castle intrigue, does it not ?
    To your point Keith, Trump is the one person who has nothing to lose by raising this issue, and a lot to gain. It sounds like he has read the recently published “Deconstructing Obama” by Jack Cashill, wherein the author makes a serious case for a great deal of fraud committed by Obama and his supporters.
    His campaign was a perfect storm, really, of an historical candidate and an equally giddy Left media.
    Someone has to try and peek behind the curtain covering most of Obama’s past, it sure wasn’t going to be the Republicans, who have been beaten into submission by the PC crowd.
    If not Trump, who ?

  4. I wish that Trump make it clear that Barry has spent millions to hide most of his past. Many people don’t know this and are shocked when they find out.

    It’s obvious Barry is hiding something.

    Even if Barry was born in Hawaii, there are other issues.

    Have you read about the the SS numbers?

    And also there are questions about Indonesian citizenship.

    Why no college records or state senate records? All sealed up.

  5. Just the fact that Trump is driving Obama, his administration and the left wing press crazy is enough for me. Bring it on Donald….Obama is as transparent as mud.

    1. Obama is a public official. He works for us. He has no right to secrecy.

      When I was hired as a teacher, I had to show all my college records, including the classes I took and all my grades. I had to present a complete transcript.

      Yet, POTUS gets a pass on his documents.

  6. I am thrilled that Trump is pursuing this. He is quirky enough to largely get away with it, and who knows, he might just persuade enough others, particularly in the mainstream media to bite. At the very least, the media ought to find it interesting that Barry has spent so much time, effort and money on keeping it (assuming there really is a long form birth certificate that even the HI governor could not find) sealed. If there is a shred of credibility left in the idea of investigative journalism, it seems like someone would find this interesting. Chip away long enough and maybe a crack in the wall of secrecy about this matter will cause it to come down. But to your question, I think it can and does point to the larger issue of credibility regarding Obama’s failure to live up to the pledge of transparancy.

    1. I just hope Trump doesn’t go too far and harp on the “born in Kenya” meme.

      He needs to keep presenting the issue as “suspicious” and “no one knows for sure” where Barry was born because he has hidden his records. Also, there’s the transparency issue.

  7. Politically, I think it may hurt Obama. The Obots will dig in, the racists will cry racism, the terminally liberal will say that we are nativist and jingoistic to want an American for President.

    But! The majority who liked Obama’s style and now do not like the reality may listen to the arguments about Obama’s records and birth certificate and will hear them for the first time. Not being happy with Barry anymore their ears may be unstopped and the wheels in their brains begin to turn.

    Who knows what Donald’s motivations are? We need to always look under the rock with this man just as with Obama. I am glad that he is speaking out on this issue. We’ll just have to wait and see what he’s really doing.

  8. Even though I believe that MrO is an American citizen because of his mother’s citizen status, it’s time to put an end to these questions of his past; how many SS numbers did he use, when and where did he renounce his Indonesion citizenship, when and where did he legally change his name, and did he secure admission to college as a “foreign student”.

    While we’re at it; how about explaning why both of the O’s have given up their license to practice law.
    These questions aren’t intrusions or privileged information, we all have to show these background documents.
    Answer the questions, MrO.

    1. The Constitution, I believe, says has to be born on American soil. Yes, he is a citizen, but maybe not born here. All it does is give testament to his sneakiness if it’s true. I got into this mess of leaving the Dem partry because I could not find ANYTHING out about this man. He was no great shakes in the Senate–had no rep. How did he get the convention speech–Reid or Gorre, near as I can tell. He seemed sort of manufactured to me–with bad credentials, which amounted basically to press adulation.. It still annoys me because it has basically taken over my life now–my fear for the country, my disdain.

        1. No, I don’t think so…McCain was born in a base in Panama–the base was American soil. Embassies are. I believe US registry ships are. Not sure on that. But not just anyplace an Am stands–
          the Eiffel Tower, for instance–American soil?

      1. The citizenship requirement states, “No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.” The term “natural born” is not defined anywhere in the document.

        1. Precisely.
          If one’s American mother was cast adrift in the middle of the Atlantic ocean holding on to a piece of driftwood and gave birth there, one would be an “American citizen”.
          That might be a silly example but it proves the point.
          Oh, heck it is silly.

    2. “how many SS numbers did he use, when and where did he renounce his Indonesion citizenship, when and where did he legally change his name, and did he secure admission to college as a ‘foreign student’.”
      Above are the points Mr. Trump needs to focus on. He does keep mentioning FRAUD.

      Didn’t Barry tell the press that he gave up his Indonesian citizenship? Did Barry lie? Where are the records?

  9. I think Trump made a brilliant PR move. It is a win win situation for him. He keeps his name in the media, and he asks the questions many Americans (not just Republicans) want answered. I know there are a lot of people who still watch the alphabet channels exclusively, and they are finally hearing about the controversy from one of their TV icons. They don’t see Trump as a wild-eyed birther so they are listening to him.

    I believe there is a treasure trove of information in the other records he is hiding with the birth certificate. If Trump can get him to release his records, we may just find out who the person occupying the WH really is. We already know he is a liar, maybe he is fake too.

    1. Trump doesn’t let anyone get away with the “racist” accusation.
      Whoopi tried it but Trump called her out. I loved him on The View Liberal Hagfest because he just kept talking when the harpies tried to interrupt.

  10. I’m glad Donald is highlighting the birth certificate fraud but wish he would use the opportunity to highlight the fact that regardless of where the man claiming to be president was actually born, he is NOT a natural born citizen as required by the Constitution. (Born on this soil of American citizen parents). He was and has admitted to being a dual citizen at birth. I think Donald should start calling himself a “Dual-er”, not a birther.

  11. I lived in Hawaii from 1971 until last August. All of my children were born there and I am very familiar with the birth certificates issued by that state. There is no such thing as a “short form” certificate. I have noticed that the watermark / seal is misssing from the one O released, meaning its not an official copy, its a fake.

  12. Trump is just storing the pot while he decides if he wants to run. Maybe his strategy is to get the Secretary position Hillary is leaving. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

  13. Trump is doing what the lazy corrupt media refuse to do – ask why we have very little background on the leader of the free world.

    If Trump hasn’t read Jack Cashill’s excellent book, “Deconstructing Obama”, he certainly should.

    Cashill was just on the Brian Kilmeade (of Fox & Friends morning show) radio show for a 16 min. interview:

    (sorry for the media matters link)

  14. Keith, where Trump is on his firmest ground is in his assertion that Bill Ayers largely wrote Dreams from My Father. I wrote a book on this subject, just out. Please contact me if you want the inside track on this. Thanks, Jack.


    Thats all, Mr. President.

    Lay down the No. 5 Iron, come back in from the cold and show us your birth certificate.

    Thats it.

    Thats all we want.

    Put this puppy to rest for good.

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