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Gone Golfin’

Yes indeed he has. Golf outing number 63, for those of you keeping score at home. From the pool report, by my dryly humored friend Steve Thomma of McClatchy.

I’m particularly relieved since I promised to eat my computer yesterday if he didn’t go today.

Motorcade arrived at the golf course at Andrews at 10:50 am EDT.

The president’s foursome will include Eric Whitaker, David Katz and Marvin Nicholson.

Assuming they tee off soon, they should make it back to the clubhouse, or the White House, in plenty of time to watch the final holes of the Masters.

15 thoughts on “Gone Golfin’”

  1. “President Barack Obama wants you to know that he is not a golf addict.
    He spends so much time unwinding on the links because security restrictions mean he can’t go out for long walks or go to the carwash or the grocery store.” …
    “He says he enjoys golf but is not the fanatic that some have portrayed.
    “It’s the only excuse I have to get outside for four hours at a stretch,” he said.”

    1. awww.
      He could put on a groundskeeper’s uniform and a false mustache and cut the grass around the WhiteHouse.
      He could put on some old clothes and wash the Presidential limos.
      He could take the family to Camp David and walk to his heart’s content.
      He could visit the nearest AirForceBase and inspect our planes.
      He could visit the nearest VA hospital and sit outside with some of our bravest and brightest.
      He and the family could go back to their home in Chicago where he can sit on the back porch.
      He could try to put MrsO, the two children , FirstGranny and himself into a Chevy Volt and drive around looking for an outside electical outlet to ‘juice’ up’ at the White House.
      Jus’ tryin’ ta help.

  2. Really, golf is the only thing he can do for exercise. He seems to have no problem going out on his lunch dates with Biden, kids basketball games, date night? Just sayin…

  3. Whew, talk about getting down to the wire. I was starting to worry about you Keith. I’ve heard that iMac’s aren’t very tasty.

    1. “the president” wouldn’t anything involving the military unless he has reporters and photographers along with him. Our soldiers, airmen, sailors and Marines are nothing to him but backdrops for his photo op stunts.

  4. “But if I dont practice every week how will I ever compete in the DPRK’s Kim Jong Il Open next year?”, ” I really want to win that red member’s jacket.”

    1. Wonder where the 15-20 friends come from..Chicago?DC?
      Does she just say “Hey, I’m bored, fly over here. We’ll go out for pizza”?
      Or, they were all going to Williamsburg but the nasty Repubs ruined everything. It seems like the O family doesn’t do anything or go anywhere without a bunch of friends.

  5. “In the absence of appropriations, non-excepted activities that have not already been fully funded will need to be shut down …” (Courtesy of the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense Public Affairs) I guess it would be a little difficult explaining how the golf course was an essential service. Though the grounds keepers are needed to maintain the course daily otherwise the course goes to seed and will cost more to restore.

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