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Michelle Stays Home

It appears the weekend’s excursion to Williamsburg by the Obama family has been cancelled for everyone because the stalemate over the budget ended a bit too late.

It was announced by the White House yesterday that President Obama would stay home, and there is no evidence that his plans have changed or that the first lady has gone without him.

Which is too bad because she had some awesome shopping lined up.

I imagine someone at the White House who understands image counseling, probably only recently hired, decided the budget imbroglio was a good excuse to nix the latest Obama vacation, coming just three weeks after the family’s voyage to Latin America.

21 thoughts on “Michelle Stays Home”

  1. Want to bet that this “new hire” is not so gently eased out the door by SWMBO in the near future? If there is one thing She can’t seem to stand, it is having Her shopping curtailed–especially when She has a big trip to Europe coming next month!

        1. My husband says he runs like a girl with his little paws in front of him. I’m not sure that’s how a girl runs but most men don’t hold their hands this way. He’s always running because he thinks it makes him look cool and vigorous.

          1. Yeah–vigorous, young. Well, I sure can’t do it. Speaking of, I saw Geraldo in Libya–in a crossfire and guess since his hip replacements etc he can’t run anymore–he was hobbling out of the way. He sort of joked about it…but another line of work might be an idea. It comes to all…

    1. Great find with that article. Thank you for sharing Granny Jan.

      We have some examples of his speeches sans teleprompter…before his clean, articulate makeover by the DNC. Campaign speeches like this would tend to scare the “typical white person” he needs to vote for him.

      I understand why he can’t give a speech without a teleprompter. He’s got the cool persona pegged, he just needs to keep his mouth in line. Mr. Teleprompter has to tell him what to say, so he doesn’t get into trouble. When he is off prompter, he tends to blurt out blatantly Marxist statements like he did in his recent town hall get together in Pennsylvania.

  2. I have to choose between hamburger or chicken and “Moochie” loses a day of shopping to find 10 square yards of fabric to cover her ever enlarging arse…the only pity she gets here is that of a sane person watching a hypocrite.

  3. I dont know who or why she is shopping President has said in past during first election, they did not exchange gifts… but what is one more lie..

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