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Today’s Obama Poll || One Third Question Birthplace

A third of American voters either do not think President Obama was born in the United States or are not sure about it, according to a Fox News poll.

Some 24 percent say the do not believe he was born here, while 10 percent say they don’t know, while 67 percent say he was born in the United States.

A few more say there is at least cause to wonder, bringing the total number who think Obama’s birthplace a legitimate line of inquiry to 40 percent. But 51 percent say people who question the matter are “nutty.”

More than half of Republicans either don’t know or say he was born elsewhere, with 37 percent saying he was born overseas, 16 percent saying they don’t know, and 47 percent saying he was born in Hawaii.

Among Tea Partiers, 44 percent say born here, 41 percent say not, and 15 percent say they don’t know.

The polling suggests that Donald Trumps’ trumpeting the matter could help him in the Republican primaries, since 63 percent of Republicans say “there is cause to wonder” while only 29 percent call such questions “nutty.”

But with most voters overall saying they believe Obama, Trump would probably have to back off in the general election were he to be the nominee.

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  1. But I really hope Mr Trump will keep on hammering this question. I have a question for you, Keith. Has there ever been an occasion when Obama has been confronted about his hidden birth- and school records ? When I tell my friends about this secrecy they think I exaggerate or got the facts wrong. Not possible, this great US media, Woodward and Bernstein and so on. And when you think about it, it really is extraordinary. That is why I so like your writings. I am glad I found you.

    1. Swedish Lady, thanks, I appreciate it. You know, I’m not sure that he ever has been confronted with this directly. It is the most amazing thing, and if this were a Republican president I guarantee you the mystery would have been solved by a team of a dozen New York Times reporters camped out in Honolulu for two months.

      I was talking to a couple of other White House reporters yesterday, and we all agreed that Obama has never explained why he doesn’t release his original birth certificate.

      1. That is a certainty.

        “…if this were a Republican president I guarantee you the mystery would have been solved by a team of a dozen New York Times reporters camped out in Honolulu for two months.”

  2. My dear Mother, born at home, had only the inscription of her birth in the family Bible to prove her citizenship. Another family member was born aboard ship on the way to America. When the time came to produce proof of birth, sworn testimony of other family members and grade school transcripts were enough to prove American citizenship.
    MrO’s mother and extended family were American citizens and that’s good enough for me. “American soil” can be a lot of things in different places all over the world.

  3. I think he was born in Hawaii. Of course, a president has to be more than native born. Natural born is the requirement.

    The issue is that Barry has spent $2 million, from what I’ve read, hiding his past.
    It’s logical that he is hiding something crucial. It’s not just the bc but the college records, passport info, records as state senator, etc.

    He is a public official and should not be afforded such secrecy.

    Trump gets the issue in the spotlight. Maybe the real name on the bc is Barry Soetoro. Look under “S” not “O”?

    1. “The issue is that Barry has spent $2 million, from what I’ve read, hiding his past.”

      you should actually fact check what you read apparently.

  4. His mother was an American, so he is an American. I think the father’s race is listed as Arab, at least originally. Then he was adopted by Soetoro and probably got lots of goodies from the educational system, by calling himself a ‘foreign’ student..I think a second b.c. is issued in the case of adoption.
    If he didn’t change it back legally to ‘Obama’, I would be very surprised.
    The answers to the poll show a pretty deep level of mistrust, imo.that alone, is a bit startling.
    The other scenario would be that “Father” is listed as Unknown, which was done in those days.. “Dreams From My Unknown’ really wouldn’t have sold many copies.

  5. With how amazingly self-righteous the man is, if he didn’t have anything to hide, he would have produced the damn thing a couple years ago. If something smells fishy, it probably isn’t because Mom is making Apple Pie, if you follow me.

  6. If he was born in a hospital or manger in Hawaii, then show the piece of paper since people are so fraught over it. But no–another example of his flabbery, secretive, pass-agg ways. It is sort of irritating, but not my top issue.

    One top issue would be–isn’t it at very least the president’s job to keep the doors of the govt open?

    1. I don’t think they have mangers in Hawaii, but he may have been found in a river, in a basket, amongst the reeds.
      Many of his supporters would believe that.

  7. He has lied about everything else, so who knows. My guess is he is hiding his paper trail because it holds some evidence that will expose him as a fraud. I’m a little curious about who paid for that expensive Columbia, Occidental, and Harvard education. He sure didn’t work his way through college. My antenna goes up when someone spends over a million bucks to bury their past.

  8. I agree that since his mother is American he can choose American citizenship. I have always thought the reason he has kept the birth certificate secret is that under race it was probably checked caucasian. His mother was white, no father present and as a baby he was probably fair skinned. Why would they list it any other way? Especially in that day and age when mixed marriages were not politically correct.

    Imagine the commotion that would be created if that information came out.

    1. Could be, JBH…esp if his “typical white person” grandmother with her daughter on scene and the kid’s father not there had anything to do with it. I have no idea–sheer speculation. As I said–I don’t esp give a flip. Would finding out about it now make him more of a liar–would it get him out?

  9. TRUMP NEEDS TO KEEP STIRRING THE SHIT STORM. The only way we will ever know, is for him to keep those investigators on the ground in Hawaii to determine if indeed he was or was not born there.

    Fact is fact.

    The ‘tards in D.C. and the zombies who support Obama won’t give a damn anyway. Obama could be a droid from the ice planet Hoth – it would not matter; Obama voters would crucify themselves for him.

    Keep it up Donald, keep it up. NEVER give in. Don’t stop – and keep giving those liberal MSM bastards a shellacking each time your on to defend yourself.

    NEVER surrender.

    1. Real candidate or not, MrTrump has caused the MSM lightning bolts to be directed toward him and not the other candidates. His interviews show that the MSM loves him. He has it all; name recognition, showbiz appeal, tons of cash and a real message.

  10. It’s not just the issue of the birth certificate, although that is certainly a big issue. Where are his school, college, and law school records? Candidates John Kerry, GWB, Al Gore, John McCain all released their records. Why, if Obama is so brilliant, did he not publish one article for Harvard Law Review?

    And something else Trump is drawing attention to – Obama didn’t write Dreams. Bill Ayers did. There are so many discrepancies between Obama’s real history & what Ayers wrote in Dreams. One Obama fiction – that he & his father & mother lived together as a happy little family until O Sr left for Harvard. Never happened. And here’s a brand new controversy – in the 1995 first edition of Dreams – Obama’s mother is “Shirley” – not Stanley. Why so many differences? Because Obama didn’t write the book. Not so hard to believe – when you recall that JFK didn’t write Profiles in Courage – his speechwriter Ted Sorenson did. And Alex Haley stole Roots – from a white author’s book of fiction. Haley had to pay $650K decades ago to settle the plagiarism case.

    One could say – well, many people use ghostwriters. But usually they’re credited in the book. Obama’s Dreams formed the fictional narrative of his fake persona, and paved the way to his presidential candidacy.

    Keith, please please please read Deconstructing Obama. You won’t be disappointed. The author, Jack Cashill, is on FB.

  11. Location of the birth is probably not why dumbo won’t share the original. Like his grades, transcripts, et al, there’s probably some “unpresdiential” info there. Like illegitimate, father’s name, etc.

  12. “Some 24 percent say the do not believe he was born here, while 10 percent say they don’t know, while 67 percent say he was born in the United States.”

    what’s wrong with this sentence?

    1. That 67% .. are democrats. How can you believe him when he will not offer the proof. He is the president. All he has to do is wave his hand, just like when he wants a lobster dinner and “BAM!” Only a democrat would drink that koolaid! !! I went down to the county and requested a copy of my birth certificate 2 weeks ago and $10 and 10 minutes later I was on my way with a certified copy. That’s bull .. he can’t get it! Come on.

  13. We have lost many freedoms since Obama became president. However, there are those who have planned to destroy the country totally, and Obama is just a puppet. Check out the Soros – H. Clinton connection, beginning long before Obama. Why is our country meddling and helping bring down foreign countries’ leaders allowing Islamic radicals to blossom? Yes, we can focus on Easter, but Rome is burning.

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