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Obama Cancels His Trip to Williamsburg

The budget deal has ruined the president’s weekend vacation. But there’s no word yet on whether Michelle and the girls will go anyway.

16 thoughts on “Obama Cancels His Trip to Williamsburg”

  1. Boo fricken hoo…it’s not like any of us have had to change plans due to work conflicts. Obama needs to man up (I use that term loosely) and get to work.

  2. awww. And here all the bags are packed, the extended family and hangers-on are waiting and they’re going to be stuck in that house with all those servants and cooks and cleaning personnel and the drivers and it’s just too much to bear.
    Go ahead, MrsO and tell them to fire up the jets. We want you to be happy.

  3. She’ll just have to have Binns send Her a selection of goodies for approval. That will give Her something to do this weekend.

  4. Someone grew a pair and told them how bad this trip would look to the American people. Too bad they didn’t think about it when confirming those hotel reservations. One of the comments on this article below mentions they were renting 125 room at King’s Mill Resort – – at $400 per night. If that is true, I bet Michelle is hopping mad she missed out on her luxury weekend plans.

  5. I guess they figured out this was one of the centers for the original Tea Party movement. I guess hearing Patrick Henry’s words give me liberty or give me death might be a little intimidating.

  6. There are so many trips, I can’t recall what their last trip was! I’m too busy working. I’m still hoping I’ll get the first week of August off to go to a TWA reunion.
    PS for my own sanity, was there another trip after going skiing?

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