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Is Michelle Planning Some Pricey Shopping in Williamsburg?

It appears the Obamas may be headed down to Colonial Williamsburg this weekend for more than a history lesson. Mrs. Obama, it seems, wants something much more up to date.

According to the Daily Press, which covers southeastern Virginia, the first lady has shopping on the brain. And we’re not talking about the Williamsburg Walmart. Rather, Mrs. Obama has been quietly investigating from afar the wares at Binns of Williamsburg, an upscale shop for uptown gals who want to look fabulous.

From the store’s website:

Welcome to Binns, the most exclusive fashion store in Williamsburg’s Historic Triangle. We travel the world to bring the latest, most distinctive fashions to our select clientele.

Binns is more than a store, it is a lifestyle.

Indeed, Mrs. Obama has been looking into the lifestyle, ordering catalogues and dispatching envoys to the store itself to see what’s good for the gettin’. Perhaps the first lady can also pick up another $1,000 handbag when she’s there.

The Daily Press writes:

According to Tom Smith, assistant CEO of Binns of Williamsburg, the First Lady has expressed interest in his store in the past.

“We have been contacted by different assistants of the family,” he says.

Representatives have visited the store in the past, and Smith knows that Michelle has brochures from his store. He also has sent some accessories to the White House for her consideration.

“Our gown department is a big area that she would probably end up looking at,” he says.

Well, now we know better what the White House means by a “long planned” vacation that the Obamas might be loath to cancel.

If there is a government shutdown, the president will almost certainly have to stay at the White House. But Michelle has shown in the past she doesn’t mind traveling without him.

If the White House communications team allows her to be seen browsing the bins at Binns while government workers are getting furloughed, they need to be impeached on charges of PR malpractice.

Thanks to Nelly, one of our readers, who alerted me to this and who also noted that Mrs. Obama probably is seeking some stunning new items for her trip to Europe next month!

135 thoughts on “Is Michelle Planning Some Pricey Shopping in Williamsburg?”

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  3. There should be some perks to living in a virtual fishbowl 24 hours a day. They have probably taken far fewer vacations as President and First Lady than they would have if he were still a Senator. His family probably never sees him (based on how tired he looks) – who can keep up the pace that must be required for a U. S. President these days? Agree that it would be better to wait until there is some good news out there before taking time off, but there doesn’t seem to be any now or even on the horizon for that matter. Give them a break!

    1. Give them a break Barb, are you kidding me? What break? What have they been doing this whole time that requires a vacation every 3 weeks? Of course they seem him the man only shows up from 9-5.

  4. She probably will go straight for 70 lbs of BBQ Ribs while telling us to eat broccoli.
    Can’t wait for TRUMP to kick these individuals out of our White House. forever!

  5. Well she has all the extra money from not having to buy vegtables. She can just go to the garden that she spends all her time tending to. I on the other hand will be using my extra cash to help my son in Afghanistan keep his bills up since he won’t be getting a paycheck.

  6. She is the most self-centered, egotistical Firsth D=Lady this country has ever had. She should be ashamed of herself, I say should be, but we all know otherwise!!!!!!

  7. Do they sell those Hoop Skirts ?
    I have heard the President is a Big Hoops Fan .
    Like that lady in Gone w the Wind , she could disguise imperfections w one .
    I did notice a Caboose behind the uh , Seoul Train on our ‘ All Arugala Gal ‘ .A Hoop Skirt or more might be just the Ticket for the ‘ Final Four ‘ vacations planned for April too , and could even be worn in Ireland when the O ‘ Bamas visit relatives including Aunt Patty of the ( Brainiac ) O ‘ Furniture Branch of that ( Blarney ) Rubble Clan . It might even convince the President to once again play Hoops against his wife . He still sulks over his last whuppin ..

  8. It is pay back time because of the history of racism in our country.

    She makes the point always to show her skin color with sleeveless dresses….the bitter look we saw in the campaign is now coming back to bite.

  9. Adrian Morrison Kelp

    This blog would be offensive if it weren’t so gross and stupid!

    Anyone over 9 years old here? Anyone not one of the nasty chosen?
    Good God, this country is full of ugly children. No wonder the rest of the world considers us third world classless brats.

    1. I could give a flying fig what the rest of the world thinks of us. Do you realize that if there is a shutdown that our troops serving in three wars will have to worry about their families back home being able to pay their bills on the 15th of April?

      If they happen to get killed in action during the shutdown their families won’t get insurance payouts. Can you imagine having to fight with an insurance company after your loved one has just been killed while defending this country?

      Put yourself in our soldiers shoes and then tell us how ugly we are. What kind of monster would do that to our soldiers? How could their “Commander in Chief” have even contemplated going on a weekend trip during a time like this?

      1. Soldiers pay at issue here. And isn’t one of Michelle Antoinette’s special interests these days military families? That’s what she tells us. I can see that that interest pales in comparison to her shopaholic urges.

        She and he are ugly, inside and out.

    2. AMK: Your comment would be offensive if it were not so stupid. Name one country that consideres the United States to be “third world”?

      BTW, I am over 9 years old. Guessing that physiologically you are as well. Less certain about your intellectual age.

  10. What a joke. While B “Insane” Obama is promising to veto a bill that guarantees salary for the military, Michelle “My Bell” is planning an expensive shopping trip. Obama and Congress should not be paid if everyone else is not pay. This is ridicules.


  12. MO wouldn’t know style if it ran over her. It would seem that those dozens of
    overpaid assistants whom we support would tell her the truth sometime.
    She didn’t inherit class when we gave her our credit card. She needs a personal shopper and “style mentor” –I am embarrassed at some of the outfits that she wears to meet with heads of state. Whatever happened to
    protocol? They are laughting at us all over the world. They will be happy to
    take our money though!… I wonder if they ever flew first class before they
    moved in. Don’t suppose they can use those frequent flier miles later.
    How dumb could 53% of the voters be?

  13. Shopping for what? She has plenty of money, and a free ride.

    …..” her trip to Europe next month! ”

    What trip, where? To do what? I know they think that jet fuel is free and room and board for her SS detail……

    They really do feel this right to entitlement; and at our expense. People are working just to pay to get to work and baxk home, and gas keeps going up.

    It was pointed out to me today by someone who was watching the noon television news. Obama was somewhere, flew with all the planes it takes for any president to travel.

    It was a speach,( and no doubt a fund raiser later), and a chat with the people. One man was saying how much it hurt to buy gasoline for his SUV.
    The president said SUV?? why arn’t you in a “Hybrid?”( Obama is so out of touch he thinks that electricity is free). The man said he had 10 or 12 children, I don’t recall the exact number. I was told Obama then rolled his eyes like having so many children was against the law. I would bet he does not even know the price of a hybrid automobile. I would bet he has no clew as to how many kilowatts it takes to charge one. And I would bet that he has no idea the national average price for a kilowatt hour.
    I really hope that this man Trump finds out that Obama was not born in HI.

  14. Figures, with the government about to shut down they need another vacation? They are definitely tone deaf and don’t give a sh** about anybody but themselves.

  15. Dick Sicario Las Vegas. NV

    Didn’t know one could upscale shop at Wal Mart.
    That is where she gets some of of the rags she wares isn’t it ?

  16. In my opinion, I would suggest that Michelle read up on French history. She could learn a great deal from Queen Marie Antoinette who was beheaded because of her extravagances and her lack of empathy for the averae citizen. The woman knew how to spend money and it appears that Michelle wants to emulate her . I am a Canadian and really find the President’s wife has no breeding at all. No concern for the economy of the U.S. or how shoddy it appears that all she thinks of is her wardrobe and her trips. She will certainly be a factor in the next election as I do not believe her husband will be a second term President.

  17. Well, looks like the trip is off for now. I was looking forward to the First Food Scold chomping down on some BBQ at Pierce’s while telling the rest of us how to eat healthy. It’s just as well, Williamsburg is a pretty sleepy town, and other than the shopping, the Obamas would no doubt find it too pedestrian for their tastes ( I’m not knocking Williamsburg, I love it and go a few times a year, not to mention the four years I spent there in college).

  18. Given Moochelle’s horrid fashion sense I doubt that she will be stunning on her European tour. She looks like a lower-class drag queen everywhere she goes.

  19. “There is a shutdown, right? Well, come on out everyone! Come and meet me and my daughters at Binn’s! There are even deals here that those of you in fly-over country can purchase! Look at these Dior shoes – SLASHED – to only $2,500! THAT is a steal! Oh my, these deals wont last long!”
    -Michelle Obama

  20. Is this Michelle person completely out of her mind – she evidently thinks she has no obligations to the American public nor even pretends to have any. It would appear that no only her husband (the arrogant and unqualified ) but she also is completely out of touch and power mad.

    What an embarrassment those two are.

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  22. So who’s payin’? She or we? No matter what you buy, cover those pits and those phone pole legs. At least we’re spared lookin’ at the barn door.

  23. If the government shuts down, then Michelle will have to go by private transport as the government vehicles should not move her carcass around.

  24. Good. I think it is totally appropriate for the First Lady to shop to her hearts’ content while our military and government workers worry about how they will pay bills. Nothing pleases me more than seeing our First Lady looking like a Valley Girl at the Court of St James – or worrying more about displaying her “great; arms”…goodby to classy Laura Bush -or even, God forbid – black-pants-suit (but proper) Hillary. Keep it up, Michelle, you are exactly what we need to project out new image to the world – All flab – no gab. What a butt!

  25. Common sense is one thing lacking with the Obamas. So much for cutting back, spending less, driving less. “Put it in your face” is the phrase that comes to mind most often or maybe, “Do as I say–not as I do.”

    They will do all they can to fleece the tax payers. And, the sad thing is that most of them don’t realize what is happening. The news media sure won’t keep us informed.

  26. The American people have had enough of the carefree lifestyle our governmental leaders are allowed to lead at our expense and that bill gets higher every year while the rest our country is forced to struggle to make ends meet. Now they want to force our soldiers to wait for their pay but still do their job? Why don’t the senators, congressmen and president give up their pay for a year since they AREN’T doing their jobs instead?

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  30. We are sorry the Obamas had to cancel their trip. More importantly than the First Lady Shopping, the children missing Williamsburg is the big loss. Williamsburg will wait patiently for their schedule to clear up again.

  31. Keith, You only have a cartoon picture posted online of yourself? I am left to wonder if the lack of an accurate picture on your website changes the perception of your reporting credibility in your readers minds?

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