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Is Michelle Planning Some Pricey Shopping in Williamsburg?

It appears the Obamas may be headed down to Colonial Williamsburg this weekend for more than a history lesson. Mrs. Obama, it seems, wants something much more up to date.

According to the Daily Press, which covers southeastern Virginia, the first lady has shopping on the brain. And we’re not talking about the Williamsburg Walmart. Rather, Mrs. Obama has been quietly investigating from afar the wares at Binns of Williamsburg, an upscale shop for uptown gals who want to look fabulous.

From the store’s website:

Welcome to Binns, the most exclusive fashion store in Williamsburg’s Historic Triangle. We travel the world to bring the latest, most distinctive fashions to our select clientele.

Binns is more than a store, it is a lifestyle.

Indeed, Mrs. Obama has been looking into the lifestyle, ordering catalogues and dispatching envoys to the store itself to see what’s good for the gettin’. Perhaps the first lady can also pick up another $1,000 handbag when she’s there.

The Daily Press writes:

According to Tom Smith, assistant CEO of Binns of Williamsburg, the First Lady has expressed interest in his store in the past.

“We have been contacted by different assistants of the family,” he says.

Representatives have visited the store in the past, and Smith knows that Michelle has brochures from his store. He also has sent some accessories to the White House for her consideration.

“Our gown department is a big area that she would probably end up looking at,” he says.

Well, now we know better what the White House means by a “long planned” vacation that the Obamas might be loath to cancel.

If there is a government shutdown, the president will almost certainly have to stay at the White House. But Michelle has shown in the past she doesn’t mind traveling without him.

If the White House communications team allows her to be seen browsing the bins at Binns while government workers are getting furloughed, they need to be impeached on charges of PR malpractice.

Thanks to Nelly, one of our readers, who alerted me to this and who also noted that Mrs. Obama probably is seeking some stunning new items for her trip to Europe next month!

135 thoughts on “Is Michelle Planning Some Pricey Shopping in Williamsburg?”

  1. What is wrong with the ‘optics’ of the Regime?

    The US government shuts down (but the President, Congress, and Senate still function with full pay, correct?). Military is ‘deemed’ non-essential (for pay?); thousands of low level GS will be scrambling for a week or two to make ends meet…and Madame Obama (with or without Chairman O) gets whisked off…on a shopping trip…in government vehicles…for gowns???

    W.T.F? And I am NOT asking about winning the future. Anyone have any sense in the White House West Wing…or are they all afraid of Mrs. O?

  2. Shoot! I thought the First Lady bought out Spain, and perhaps Brazil too.
    I guess she just doesn’t have enough clothes in her closet. In these times you would think she might practice a little frugality. Ha! Libs don’t believe in being frugal.

  3. Sure, go shopping MrsO. Have a good time in Williamsburg, eat, be merry.
    Us yokels in fly-over country love to watch rich political wives spend our money..oh, yes.. the jet, the fuel, the support personnel, the security is paid for by us yokels. Don’t worry about that, we’re just happy when you’re happy.

  4. Drudge linked to this. Here we go. I don’t think Binns seems upscale enough for her. It would be her version of slumming. She buys directly from the finest European and American design houses. J Crew is just for public consumption.

  5. You can polish a turd, but it’s still a turd. No matter what she wears, she still looks like a line backer from behind. Better stock up on the Lobster.

  6. I am beginning to think that the President and his family are tone deaf. You do not go on a vacation and go shopping if the government is shutting down. Yes, I can understand wanting to take the girls to Williamsburg, but Mrs. Obama does not need to go shopping at this moment. Perception is all.

  7. Good day to go..
    They found a hundred plus bodies in the Ivory Coast, Syria and Yemen killed a couple dozen for the day, Starting to discuss troops for Libya, the Saudi’s are boiling, Jordan, Lebanon and Bahrain are simmering, Israel is going back n forth with Gaza after they hit that school bus yesterday,
    and Russia is rewarding Iran for having their newest secret nuclear facility found out with the reload of Bushier…
    That and the democrats in Congress and the Senate refuse to relinquish power and stop trying to destroy the country cause they lost in November…
    You think he’s gonna stick around?After he choked in a town hall the other day,he cant afford any quick questions….
    It’s time to party!

  8. What a bunch of elitist garbage. How can she live with herself? The voters in this country get what they deserve I guess. I certainly didn’t vote for this cr@p however.

  9. Who is paying for Queen Moochelle’s little shopping spree? Somehow I think it’s the taxpayer. After all, white America owes her.

  10. Ahhh yes…Another day, another trip. More new clothes for still more travelling next month. At least the Bush family went to their own ranch in Texas instead of sticking all of us with the bills for the long plane rides and fancy digs required in world travel.

  11. Why would she be shopping at Walmart?? Did Hillary, Barbara or Laura Bush ever shop at Walmart? Or would it even generate an article if any of these former first ladies went upscale shopping? NO!!!!! It’s just such a big deal with Michelle does it. The underlying message is so loud and so dang clear!

    1. no dummy. What this women is doing is abhorrently without any class and reeks of entitlement and a lousy upbringing.
      Stop reading racism into everything, you racist.

    2. UNBELIEVABLE…All that is going on in this country and our “lead-by-example” POTUS and FLOTUS are going on high end shopping spree. We’ve got a government about to shut down, double digit un and under employment, unprecedented home foreclsures, a large percentage of the population in serious financial difficulty, and our government leaders are going on a high end shopping spree; AND YOU THINK WE’RE MAD BECAUSE THEIR SKIN IS BLACK…WHO GIVES A F#*K … There is no end to the STUPIDITY of Obama supporters.

      1. Glenda, either you are too partisan to see the truth or you have never payed attention to the news. Former VP Candidate Sarah Palin got all kinds of bad press for a wardrobe she didn’t even buy. The was when we were on the “brink of a depression” in 2008. Now during this glorious recovery, complete with all the encouraging economic signs laid out by stevens, the President and his family have taken dozens of vacations and spent our money on their entertainment (date night in New York and weekly concerts at the White House – the staff must be paid overtime). All the while, they have been telling us to sacrifice, drive hybrids and just get used to it. I believe America deserves better than what our leaders are offering. We will find out next year whether the majority agrees.

        1. I thought that I was the only one who thinks that. I am 72, a little overweight and I still look as well or better than she does. I do not wear my clothes tight. That went out with Mariyn Monroe.

    3. She spends our taxpayer money as fast as she can, that’s why. Laura Bush didn’t travel much, if at all, on our dime, nor did she go on these extravagant shopping trips & send us the bill. Many times, she, quietly, bought something but paid for it with her own money, which anyone who watches the mainstream media would not know, and they DID take vacations at their own Texas ranch. The bottom line for the Obamas’ classless behavior will ALWAYS lie with their lack of patriotism & their real disdain for our nation and the freedoms we all possessed before they entered our lives! Think it was shameful how the Clintons & their staff trashed our White House & stole things when they left?? Wait until these guys leave, espec. if we manage to defeat the thugs who defraud our electoral system & get them out in 2012!! I have my own speculation about where our House’s belongings might surface………

    4. Sigh – another day, another cry of racism. It won’t work anymore, honey.

      Of course we don’t expect our first ladies to shop at Wal-Mart. We do, by God, expect them to have a little decorum. When there is a very real possibility that our troops and their families, may have to wait for their pay, shopping, loud and proud, should be the last thing on Mrs. O’s mind.

      Both her and the prez claim they’re all about our troops and families. Now’s a great time to put up or shut up.

    1. Granted — not everyone can look as beautiful as Barbara Bush. I’m swooning just thinking about her and George H.W. in bed together.

      1. the point is barbera did not go around telling us that we need to be better looking or that we are slobs while she was eating a cheeseburger… you people really are stupid and do not get it..

  12. Mrs. Obama has no concept of what a First Lady should do when the nation is in a situation that can cause untold numbers of people distress financially. Shopping sprees are best done when people are not facing furloughs, high gas prices, etc. Send out the staff to shop for a few weeks. The “let them eat what I tell them to,” attitude is getting old fast. I realize that she has every right as First Lady to do as she wants, but it is starting to feel like salt in a wound when I am realizing that meat is now out of my family’s menu, the car must be downsized because of gas prices, etc. I am tired of excuses for her lack of empathy.

  13. Why don’t you people quit being such snobs?
    and who cares about her trip to Europe
    next month..She won’t be going to
    the royal wedding..evidently her clothes
    are not that great after all.
    Besides Michelle O is not going
    anywhere that people haven’t already seen her
    and her bare arms..
    And you are so right about her being
    in trouble if she travels to Williamsburg
    duirng the shutdown…Marie Antoinette
    anyone? Aren’t the clothes she already
    has good enough for the europeans?


  15. bwhahahaha.

    let her go. let her eat cake. for heaven’s sake, lumpen, how long has it been since michelle and barry have had a vacay? two weeks? three?

    c’mon. these folks are sacrificin’

    1. Dick Sicario Las Vegas. NV

      MOOchelle already has, just look at her backside !
      Did they put wider seats in Air Force One for her ?

  16. Of COURSE they’re not going there for the history. Michelle has already told us she had no pride in this country until her jug-eared spouse got elected.

    It’s all about the shopping. More really expensive, really ugly clothes for our fashion-forward first lady.


  17. Once again, Michelle Obama shows her disdain for her country! Who cares if the soldiers fighting for their lives get paid or not (my son is one of them!), as long as Michelle gets to go shopping and spend hundreds of thousands of U.S. tax dollars on security and travel! Meanwhile, our soldiers can hardly pay their mortgages! This woman has absolutely NO CLASS! She needs to take some lessons from Laura Bush!

  18. If anybody thinks that Mrs. Obama plans on spending a cent of the government’s money on clothes you are out of your minds!

    Has everybody forgotten that during the years before he was elected, President Obama wrote a couple of books. Remember “Dreams of My Father” and “Odacity of Hope.” What do you think cause she’s the president’s wife that all of her money is public now?

    1. When Barry took the office he immediately tripled the White House budget. Any time the POTUS leaves to travel millions are spent on pre-security checks etc. I could give a *&!# how they spend their money its the time and vacations away that cost us all. Tell the family they’ll have to wait until he’s fired to have the time to travel.

    2. Alexander, can you read? I do not recall a single comment above suggesting that the taxpayers are buying Mrs. Obama’s clothes. Instead, the complaints are centered around the cost of travel, security detail and all the other rolling costs that are frankly, indefensible. Although I invite you to try to offer a defense for it.

      1. So is everyone suggesting that Michelle Obama not go anywhere then? Maybe it would be better if she just stayed home, that way taxpayers wouldn’t have to pay for her security? It doesn’t matter if she goes on a shopping trip or a humanitarian one, it still costs the same to the taxpayers. So why don’t you just stop and think about what you’re really complaining about here. It’s cause she’s going shopping. Now get over it.

  19. She’s our modern day Marie Antoinette. The country is suffering, basic necessities are sky high, gas prices are crazy, farmers are growing waste products for our fuel tanks, and she’s out spending our tax dollars on dresses! I say: Let HER eat cake!!

  20. Wouldn’t it be grand if the elite shop hid all the real fashions and put out thrift shop duds. Michelle would be like the empress with no “clothes”. ha, ha, ha, ha.

  21. I hope that all of you left leaning libturds are quite proud of your loser boy Soetoro and the vicious “little” missus.

    These people are shameless trash.

  22. People who were deprived and are suddenly affluent behave this way. Their inner sense that all these good things will not last prevail in their minds. So people of Michelle’s background lack a sense of continuity. The long experience of entitlement leaves behind a constant, gnawing fear of being in the state of want. This type of behavior can be seen in third world countries. Any luck in acquiring coveted goods result in hoarding. Therefore, the spirit of “hope” that the Obamas touted years ago actually applied only to them personally. Barack Hussein’s own behavior as President is no different from dictators who are new to the job. Look back at how third world dictators and their spouses behaved during the first few years of their regime – Fujimori, Noriega, Amin, Marcos, Duvalier, etc.

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