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Deal Close; Stopgap Measure Likely

Updated at 10:51 pm

Speaker Boehner is now presenting the framework of deal to the House Republican caucus to gain their acceptance. If accepted, a continuing resolution will move through the House to keep the government running. Various reports put the deal at close to $40 billion in cuts – even more than Boehner had been pushing for – but Republican acquiescence on abortion and other policy language.

It is unclear wither President Obama is going to speak at the White House. I will bring it to you live if it happens and is available.

Things could change, but it’s looking right now like no government shutdown.

6 thoughts on “Deal Close; Stopgap Measure Likely”

  1. I heard something about $39B in cuts and Planned Parenthood funding off the table. I sure hope that is not true, because Boehner will never be forgiven for selling us out.

  2. Just in time, too. The Dems claim that a shutdown would cause me and my peers to starve, drop bombs on DC, keep SenReid’s female relatives from getting cancer screening, be the direct cause of all women’s deaths, screw up the revenue expected from tourists at the CherryBlossomFestival and probably cause another earthquake somewhere. Whew!
    Who knew Repubs wanted to kill all of the women? sort of shortsighted if you ask me. There wouldn’t be anyone to raise the kids..oh..there wouldn’t be any kids. Oh, well.

  3. This is great news, I think. Just want to say thanks for keeping us up to speed. I’ve been waiting to hear from you as I knew you would have the lead on this. Thx.

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