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Will Obama Go on Vacation Friday?

The Obama family is scheduled to get some R&R in Williamsburg, Va. this weekend. The White House says it’s TBD whether Obama will depart Friday, as the budget talks continue to drag on.

Such an inconvenience.

He cancelled the working trip to Indiana, but the vaca is still a possibility.

What do you all think – does Michelle leave without him Friday if Boehner continues to play tough?

I’d say, as they used to on a not-entirely-forgotten TV show, “You bet your sweet Bippy!”

15 Responses to Will Obama Go on Vacation Friday?

  1. It is such an inconvenience that such a thing as a budget would interfere with either a campaign or vacation opportunity. Then again, as Rahm Emanual said when Obama was first elected, (something like) never let a good crisis go to waste.

  2. They returned from the Latin American diplomatic trip vacation on March 23. That’s two full weeks without a vacation. Who among us could go that long? Everyone should go. Besides, I need more Michelle O outfits for my videos.

  3. Well he started a war and went to Brazil. What is the Big Deal about going to Williamsburg. Why doesn’t he just take Harry and John and kill two birds with one stone – a working vacation. They could go the Capitol Building in Williamsburg and listen to Patrick Henry’s speech. After that they could all meet at the Shield’s Tavern and thrash things out.

  4. Nothing gets in the way of Michelle’s plans. If Boehner hasn’t been beaten into submission before their scheduled departure time, the women of the house and their entourage will leave him in the dust.

  5. Since it is springtime and many people will be attempting to visit Colonial Williamsburg, it is a safe bet that our “royal” family just can’t pass up the opportunity to inconvience as many little people as possible as they parade around being so very IMPORTANT. If “the president” is unavoidably tied up in DC, SWMBO and the princesses will certainly go along with the rest of the circus–can’t miss the opportunity to show off.