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Obama Threatens Veto of Funding Extension

The die now appears to be cast, as President Obama this afternoon threatened to veto a week long continuing resolution backed by Republicans to extend government operations while the two sides continue to negotiate a budget deal.

Obama, Speaker Boehner and House Majority Leader Reid began meeting at 1:00 pm to try to reach a deal. But it is now clear that if there is no agreement by Midnight Friday, the government will shut down.

5 thoughts on “Obama Threatens Veto of Funding Extension”

  1. So what? He’s going to veto any CR or budget that gets to him (assuming it makes it through the Senate) anyway because he wants this shut down. It’s pretty obvious now that the reason the Democrats didn’t pass a budget when they were in control of Congress was because they saw their massive November defeat coming and figured that a budget show down would work in their favor.

  2. This CR insured our troops would be paid and not held hostage by the budget crisis. Some commander in chief he is, tossing our soldiers under the bus while he continues his life of leisure. If he does veto the bill on the remote chance it gets to him, put a fork in him he is done.

  3. Shut down the racket.

    Let D.C. go broke.

    And … if the soldiers dont get paid … they will still stay on the job regardless and die in Iraq and Afghanistan while human detritus that currently serves as our Commander in Chief is off on yet another vacation.

    It is time to IMPEACH Obama.

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