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Obama Pal Arrested in Prostitution Sting

One of President Obama’s closest friends has been arrested in Honolulu in a prostitution sting.

Bobby Titcomb, whom Obama has known since his schooldays and who hangs out with the president when he vacations in Hawaii, was caught on a street corner looking to pay for sex after visiting an online whorehouse that turned out to be a police sting website. Hawaii’s KITV reports:

Police arrested Bobby Titcomb, 49, a Punahou School classmate of Obama, at 9:40 p.m. in downtown Honolulu at the corner of Pohukaina and South streets. He was released after posting $500 bail, police said.

Police arrested four men in connection with a reverse prostitution sting involving a fake online female escort website, sources said.

Is Bobby Titcomb about the become Barack Obama’s Billy Carter? Will TV commentators be able to say “Titcomb” and “prostitution scandal” together with a straight face?

Get ready for Bobby to immediately enter a 36-step program and receive the “support and prayers” of the Obamas for his “recovery.” But next year’s annual all night Holiday barbecue party at Titcomb’s home, which the Obamas regularly attend, may have to be scrapped.

Here’s your mug shot:

Bobby Titcomb mug shot
"I thought she was selling ice cream."

18 thoughts on “Obama Pal Arrested in Prostitution Sting”

  1. Ah, if only the actual public shaming were so. If this were a Republican, it would have been breaking news last night – round the clock coverage like a Chilean miner rescue. But it’s a Dem, and Obama’s friend no less, so my guess is the MSM will yawn, shrug and turn away just to bury it. I mean, John Edwards cheated on his dying wife and fathered a child, and most of the liberal media tried as hard as possible to avoid the story. Eliot Spitzer has his own show on CNN! If this story actually makes tonight’s news, I’d be shocked. Something tells me Obama won’t be issuing one his “he acted stupidly” comments.

  2. “Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first.” — Ronald Reagan

  3. Oh but ditto on next year’s bbq – the perv doesn’t know it yet, but he’s about the get the Lance Armstrong “ice out” from Obama a la Rev. Wright.

  4. I dunno about this.

    The ironically named ‘Titcomb’ is Barry’s oldest and dearest friend in HI…right? And who has been running to just about every camera the last 24 hours telling any and all that HIS PAID investigators, on the ground in HI, are feeding him him ‘stunning’ information?

    Could their be a linky? Could Titcomb have been paid a visit by a Trumpster minion, looking for backstory?

    The timing is everything.

  5. I’m not sure that commerce between consenting adults should be a crime.
    That being said, if I were to be tarred with the actions of some of my family and friends, I would look like a licorice stick.

  6. Hugh Grant, call your service. LOL. I saw this… If this were DC, they would trot out the old dictum–at least it was a live woman.

  7. LEGALIZE prostitution! Just like the Old West (or the Wild West if you lived in Texas). Legalize it and this would not be an issue. Two adults consent to have sex with each and money is passed – leave it alone. Hell, tax it.

  8. Rush was wondering if the prostitute was a woman. It’s pretty sexist to assume it is a she….prostitution is an equal opportunity career choice.

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