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Um, Where’s My Crowd Screener?

President Obama got some tough questions today at THE LAST UNSCREENED TOWN HALL HE WILL EVER BE DOING. Well, who knows, but you sure ain’t gonna see many events like this once the campaign heats up.

He got probing and detailed queries during an event at an technology company outside of Philadelphia. These people, unlike the generalists in the White House press corps, knew exactly what they were talking about and weren’t holding back.

Obama tried to kind of chuckle his way through it but wasn’t quite clever enough in his responses to pull it off, so he just seemed kind of oafish. I think I caught him gazing around for his teleprompter where perhaps Austan Goolsbee would be feeding him the answers..

If Bush pulled this, the media would have already turned it into a failed IQ test.

POLITICO has done a good job of splicing Obama’s uncomfortable moments together. Take a look.

20 Responses to Um, Where’s My Crowd Screener?

  1. I guarantee that barry will never do that again without sending axelrod and a staff of 50 advance people to screen every single person for their political leanings, employment status, what kind of car they drive, how many abortions, do they bathe regularly, is there a good chance that they might faint in barry’s presence, will they agree to a rectul exam…barry got exposed for the general failure/know nothing embarassment that he is…who misses Carter?

  2. Does he think he’s a comedian or what? He looked like a bumbling fool who had no idea how to answer their questions. Then to try to make a joke out of the number of children they have. What an epic failure.

  3. So whose pulling the strings when his head bobs up and down? He tries so hard to charm his way out but comes off as a jerk. I posted a link to the whole gas segment below where he is at his most insufferable.

  4. A fraud who only knows what he reads from the teleprompter has been uncovered by a group of serious men who thought he knew the answers.
    His ridicule of the men’s families was disgraceful and rude.

  5. This man is truly an inept fool. He obviously can not answer questions and thinks he is funny. He is not…it makes my blood boil to see this a**hole make jokes out of serious American’s questions. He has NO business being in the White House. Put the imposter out to to pasture in 2010. Better yet…impeach the moron!

  6. The press should be embarrassed because their questions don’t hold a candle to the average Joe six-pack from this crowd.

    The real nervous laughter and attempts by Obama makes it very obvious he couldn’t answer the questions with specificity and that the hidden ear piece he wears was no longer prompting him.

  7. Oh by the way ….

    Dirk Matthys, CEO of Gamesa North America, defended the president’s decision to speak at a plant that some don’t consider to be an American company. Gamesa North America is part of Gamesa SA, a Spanish company. It was the first overseas wind turbine manufacturer to set up full production facilities in the U.S.

  8. This was almost as bad as that presser during the 2009 uprisings in Iran where he spent a minute and a half basically saying, “well…uh…uh…I…I…well…” when asked how he would address the situation.

  9. He’d better be careful what he asks for when he says “you might want to think about a trade-in.” Yep, we’re trading HIM in for a new model! We can’t afford all the HOT AIR blowing out both ends of him and his phony administration!

    And why can’t this blowhard pull out some of these $marta$$ lines to some of the world’s nasty rulers instead of bowing and scraping the ground at their feet? At least he gives 2012 parties a LOT of material to make their case with. (I’m voting for Granny Jan to run that ad campaign!)

    I-m-p-e-a-c-h this fraudster before there’s no hope of recovery!

  10. Surprised POLITOCO did the video, kudos! His handlers will not allow anymore of these improvised Q &A…too much ammo for the GOP.

  11. If you don’t have the foggiest, say that. Say you will look it up, ask someone–take the person’s name–don’t just make fun of them. This man–for the hundredth time–is not funny, is never funny. This was a disgusting display!

  12. I’d bet one of the handlers got a warning notice from Obama:
    “Dont you EVER again put me in front of a bunch of engineers. Their questions are too hard!!”

    • Techie – I used to cover the alternative fuel vehicle industry, and talked to a lot of engineers. It was excruciating sometimes to make sure I wrote stuff they would know was accurate, but very satisfying too. Was proud at the end to get a compliment from one of them about the accuracy of my writing. That is, I did my homework.