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Oy! Not That One, This One!

A parody of Obama’s campaign video has about THREE TIMES as many views on YouTube as the actual video itself. As Ben Smith notes over at POLITICO, this may be sign the political energy is circa 2010, not 2008.

As of this writing, the parody has some 869,000 views, while the campaign video has about 287,000. To be fair, the parody was released Friday. But still.

I ran the Obama campaign’s saccharine video Monday. The parody is below.

9 thoughts on “Oy! Not That One, This One!”

  1. Thank you for linking to the video Keith. First saw this NRSC ad when Granny Jan linked to it on April Fool’s Day. Him riding the unicorn and making a rainbow is the end is priceless.

    Hope he is prepared for more of the same. As Granny Jan has shown us with her brilliant parody videos, he has given his opponents a plethora of material to work with.

  2. The video is hilarious. There is SO much more the Republicans could have done with this … but didnt (after all, there is a martini lunch and golf coming up later in the day).

    The Republicans need to grab EVERY peice of film footage of Obama saying the most outrageous things and splice them together and put it on their website (they won’t do it because they are pussies). There is a scene of Obama *TRASHING* the Sermon on the Mount, yet the Republicans wont touch it for fear of a “backlash.”

    Yes, I will vote Republican in 2012 (I have no choice). But it will be the same cocktail-swilling, cocaine-sniffing, golf-playing elites like last time. There still is no one who has the GUTS to stand up and speak from his heart, tell the truth and shoot straight with the American people.

    Anyone watch Ventura on Piers Morgan. Sheesh, at one time Jesse was a great candidate; now he is another atheistic, left-wing kook. And that hair. For Pete’s sake. Get a haircut.

    1. Tom, Have some faith in the tea party influence on the GOP this time around. I believe the right person will come forward when the time is right. Have confidence there will not be another McCain mistake.

      It is still too early anyway. The only reason Obama announced so early is because of that bogus numerology theory his handlers seem to believe in. He’s the 44th president so he announces his run on the 4th day of the 4th month. Get it?

      Unfortunately Ventura, like so many other libertarians, has ventured down the illuminati rabbit hole. He turns off every clear-thinking American when he spouts that crud.

      1. Susan,

        I am *trying* to beleive; the cocktail-swilling elites in Washington are the problem, not the TP. God bless the TP and all those people who have given of the time, effort and energy to stand outside with signs, to vote, to send letters, to stir the political shit-storm. Thats what we need.

        RE: Jesse Ventura. Sigh. He was once a great libertarian/independent but is now a walking freakshow. The crazy hair, the bobbing head, the swaying back in forth in his chair, the crazy look, the moving to Mexico. Sigh.

        What I like about Jesse is that he doesn’t take shit from liberal turds like Piers Morgan; I loved it when he got into the Brit’s face – Morgan turned a slight shade of pink. For all Jesse’s faults – he served his nation honorably in SEAL TEAM II – God love him.

        There simply is no one on the Republican side (except Christie) who has the GUTS to stand and deliver; maybe somebody will emerge.

    1. Too short–more, more!!! In the “official” one, I liked the one white guy saying I don’t agree with him, but I trust him…trust him to do things I don’t agree with? Just goes to show–white people are pretty darn dumb! LOL. This stuff is prime.

      1. Have you guys seen John Stewart’s take on all this? OMG, its amazing … even Stewart, a dyed-in-the-wool leftist trashes Obama’s campaign video.

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