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Obama to Republicans: All You Need is Love

President Obama today diverged from remarks at a Philly-area “town hall” on energy to tell Republicans they need to nicen up on the budget.

I do not want to see Washington politics stand in the way of America’s progress. At a time when you’re struggling to pay your bills and meet your responsibilities, the least we can do is meet our responsibilities to produce a budget. That’s not too much to ask for. That’s what the American people expect of us. That’s what they deserve. You want everybody to act like adults, quit playing games, realize that it’s not just “my way or the highway.”

Except, wait, this budget – let me think – this is last year’s budget. The one the Democrats forgot to pass. Because they wanted their way or the highway. Actually, there way AND the highway – lots of them.

So the time to complain was really last year, when the budget was supposed to get done.

But some pollster in the White House must have told the president that the public doesn’t want him sounding too mean-spirited. So he took out his guitar, and started singing.

I mean, the fact is, is that you have to make compromises as a family. That’s what we are, the American family. So Democrats and Republicans need to get together, work through their differences, keep the government running so we can focus on keeping this economy growing, focus on things like clean energy, driving down gas prices. That’s our job. That’s what people want to see — results. You deserve no less than that.

A lot of folks are still hurting out there. But if we come together, if we listen to each other, if we remember that we’re one nation, that we’re one people, then I’m confident that we’re going to come out of this period stronger than we were before.

Gosh, the chief is so forgetful today. He thinks Congress and the White House are just one big happy compromising family. He doesn’t remember that he revamped the nation’s entire health care system last year without any Republican votes.

But now – oops – he needs Republican votes.

It’s amazing how friendly politicians get when they need you. They treat you – like family.

8 thoughts on “Obama to Republicans: All You Need is Love”

  1. Bamm-Bamm’s Budget Plan

    What leadership! Obama-style:
    To hide away the longest while,
    And dither ’til the very last
    Until the time is almost past.

    Then ride in at the end of day,
    Adopt whatever plan’s in play,
    Proclaim its merits as your own
    And say debate is overblown.

    As evidence I would submit
    The budget, dragging bit by bit,
    O’er months of fruitless talks, and yet
    The President played hard to get.

    He named Joe Biden as his man:
    Joe had a meeting, then he ran,
    To meet the Russians overseas
    And charm them with his expertise.

    The President then saw the need
    To hand the reins to Harry Reid,
    Who could not of his own accord
    Get Boehner and his team on board.

    And now the President is mad.
    He wants a deal and wants it bad.
    So in a fit of hope and change
    He takes off for the golfing range.

    But on his way he first insults,
    By saying they should be adults,
    The very men who have displayed
    The will to work, while he has played.

  2. And if you think gasoline is to high, get rid of your 8 mpg gas guzzler…great who’s going to give them the money for the new vehicle?

  3. I was in my usual restaurant when CNN put him on. I was wondering if he was off telepromptor. He said his usual things about Republicans playing games and trying to score political points.

    Contrary to what most people think he can speak off promptor. He just doesn’t say anything worth listening to.

  4. In the ‘town hall’ part of his visit today, several men asked some serious questions about his agenda for energy. MrO laughed, squirmed, ridiculed them and never answered their questions. He made fun of two of the men for having large families.
    There is video of the exchange.

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