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Obama’s State Dinner Invite to Merkel Explained

A White House State Dinner is normally given to reward a faithful ally for previous friendship encourage them to behave just as well the future.

Which makes one wonder why German Chancellor Angela Merkel is getting the nation’s foremost wine & dine treatment on June 7th.

She’s done little to help our effort in Libya, even after the United States has spent blood and treasure for the past 65 years to ensure Germans can enjoy a safe existence – free to win World Cup Soccer Championships and finance free health care and other Socialist experiments without the inconvenience of having to pay for their own defense.

We supported them, of course, because Germans have in the past shown they become a little carried away when they get their hands on too much military hardware. A neutered Hun was judged the best kind of Hun, even if it cost Americans a lot of money for the surgery and post-operative care.

Merkel has even refused to cooperate with our recent economic strategy, thumbing her nose at Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner’s urgings that she act to stimulate her economy instead of pursuing an uncharacteristic campaign of austerity to fight her budget deficit and bring Deustchland out of its economic doldrums.

But after an exhaustive investigation, White house Dossier has uncovered a possible reason why Chancellor Merkel has been invited by President Obama to a State Dinner. We present the evidence below:

Angela Merkel photo with cleavage

Intriguingly, this may also explain this heretofore mysterious diplomatic outreach to Merkel by former President Goerge W. Bush.

It is our hope that Obama reconsider the invitation to Merkel, as difficult as this may be given the evidence presented here today.

12 thoughts on “Obama’s State Dinner Invite to Merkel Explained”

  1. Everyone here is so totally off base. Keith, I expect better of you. It’s patently obvious that Pres. Obama is throwing this state dinner because the Obamas never pass up a chance to party. That’s the only reason.

  2. I can add no more to the, ahhh ‘optics,’ other than to say Mrs. Obama will now be scouting out ‘German designers’ for her spring wardrobe.

    Be afraid. Very afraid.

    We may ALL end up missing the beloved ‘boobbelts.’

  3. Yes Keith it’s actually come down to foreign relations by cleavage since nothing else seems to work. It seems Flo and O are trying to bridge the gap if you will.

    1. qestout – I see comments by you on yesterday’s quote of the day and Monday’s announcement of the Obama campaign. Were there others? Please lt let me know because I don’t see them on my administration panel. Sorry if anything is missing.

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