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Obama Morning News || April 5, 2011

Tonight’s the deadline to reach a deal in time to avert a government shutdown close of business Friday, but an agreementĀ remains elusive. The White House is preparing for a possible shutdown. Former Bush aide Michael Gerson writes that President Obama has the Republicans cornered.

Obama caved to Republicans and will try Khalid Shaikh Mohammed at Guantanamo.

Obama opened his presidential campaign yesterday with some of the same characters as before but questions about how it’s all going to work. He is preparing to undertake the most ambitious fundraising effort ever by a sitting president and may need some extra cash, since some on the Left are calling for a primary challenger.

The Daily Caller notes Obama’s gas pains – that is, acute presidential concern over the rising price at the pump that he appears to be salving with yet more trips to tout his energy initiatives.

And Angela Merkel gets a White House State Dinner June 7 even though she’s been just a little bit more helpful in the Libya campaign than Qaddafi.

6 thoughts on “Obama Morning News || April 5, 2011”

  1. We’re getting dizzy with all the spin from DC.
    The Repubs are doing what the voters asked them to do when they were sent to Washington; cut the spending/borrowi. Shut it all down if you have to, we’ll survive.
    MrO didn’t “cave to the Repubs” on the military trials for the 911 terrorists, he didn’t have much Dem support for civilian trials and the people of NYC didn’t want that despised terrorist in their city.
    Of course the Dems are calling for a primary with the Prez; how else is he going to raise $1B for the general election. Right now, the big donors are waiting to see who the Repubs choose before they commit to big bucks.
    MrO’s energy initiatives are pie-in-the-sky dreams of non-fossil fueled vehicles humming across America. It will be decades, maybe a generation, before any technology would be workable and affordable.

    Welcome, MrsMerkel. We like your policies more than MrO’s.

  2. One. Billion. Dollars???

    For what? Annoying, pandering ads? Pay for Obots to troll the interwebs day and night and breathlessly blog about their Messiah and his ‘glam’ Missus? Walking around monies for ACORN voters?

    Regular gas this a.m. was $3.71 when I put $20.00 only (not a fill up…couldn’t afford that even with a little 13 gal. tank). Don’t ask about the grocery ‘overage’ I discovered last night. Prices are raising DAILY on essentials…and these idiots think Americans are ‘happy’ and ‘can we have some more please Mr. Obama?’

    No matter how furiously the media carries Barry’s water (mineral of course, to make Me!chelle happy) anyone who enters a store, buys gas, needs an appliance KNOWS that our economy is worse now than ever. And who has been in charge?

    Anyone BUT Obama, 2012.

  3. The NYT people are all OVER Ryan–oh, he is just taking from the poor to give to the Repubs, etc. Don’t cut, we’re fine, nothing to see here, forget China…it’s all good.

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