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President Obama, Try Counting Sheep

The president mind is extraordinarily active at the moments sleep grips and releases him. It must by exhausting.

Another Granny Jan and Jihad Kitty production.

7 thoughts on “President Obama, Try Counting Sheep”

  1. Thanks, I put every instance I could find in descending order. Actually, Michelle O started it all off in her DNC 2008 speech when she said she thinks about her girls first thing… The speechwriters liked it to so much they recycled it.

    If George Bush’s speechwriters gave him this line he would have rejected it, I believe. It is so patently insincere.

  2. I have been led to believe that married men think about something else “last thing at night and first thing in the morning”. Yes?

  3. Great video Granny Jan. The man’s insincerity certainly shines right through. Congrats on nod from The Blaze too!

    I’m sure he sleeps just fine. He gets to play the good guy, while his henchmen are busily destroying our society as fast as a swarm of termites can decimate a beautiful oak tree.

    1. Thanks. Today at his pressie appearence he played the good guy. It was insufferable to watch. He went on and on and repeated the same talking points over and over. The press asked the usual softball questions, but it wouldn’t matter what they asked him as he would just filibuster.

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