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Obama and Boehner Fail to Reach Budget Deal

At a White House meeting today, President Obama and House Speaker Boehner failed to strike a deal on the budget, and judging by a readout released by Boehner’s offce, battle lines may be hardening.

The Speaker told the president that the House will not be put in a box and forced to choose between two options that are bad for the country (accepting a bad deal that fails to make real spending cuts, or accepting a government shutdown due to Senate inaction), and that this is why House Republicans – in lieu of an agreement in which the White House and Senate agree to real spending cuts – are rallying behind a potential third option: a CR that funds our troops through September while cutting an additional $12 billion in spending and keeps the government running for another week.

As he has said for the past week, the Speaker reminded those present that there has never been an agreement on $33 billion as an acceptable level of spending cuts, and that $33 billion in cuts is not enough, particularly when it is achieved in large part through budget gimmicks.

4 thoughts on “Obama and Boehner Fail to Reach Budget Deal”

  1. Stand strong Speaker Boehner. If you don’t win the battle for these minor cuts in spending, Paul Ryan’s budget will never have a chance of getting through.

  2. Listen to Tingles Matthews–He says it’s “God’s will” that the president will not have a reasonable opponent in the electiojn, God better get involved soon–his annointed messengers are already sounding off.

  3. Unsurprising. The 111th Congress deliberately failed to pass a budget so they could force a shutdown and try to blame the 112th Congress.

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