As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Morning News || April 4, 2011

In other Obama news . . .

The specter of at least a brief shutdown looms as Obama and the GOP continue to bicker on the budget. Republicans plan to present a budget that will cut more than $4 trillion over a decade, according to the Wall Street Journal. Obama domestic policy aide Melody Barnes is gaining influence as the White House attempts to steer the recovery.

Liberals have their issues with likely Obama campaign manager Jim Messina, POLITICO reports.

Libya seems to be drowning out Obama’s message that he’s trying to create more jobs. Former Obama National Security Adviser Jim Jones said Obama has to stay in Libya until Qaddafi is out.

The Justice Department appealed a ruling against Obamacare.

And Vice President Joe Biden today will discuss new guidelines on campus sex crimes.

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