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Obama to meet With Boehner and Reid Tuesday

President Obama will meet at the white House Tuesday with House Speaker Boehner and Senate Majoriy Leader Harry Reid to try to nail down an agreement on the budget, White House Press Secretary James Carney said today.

Carney said Obama believes a government shutdown ca be avoided, but he also reiterated White House demands.

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8 Responses to Obama to meet With Boehner and Reid Tuesday

  1. Who cares about the budget and Libya bombing…?
    Who’s been invited to watch the basketball nat’l championship at the White House with Mr. O.?

  2. Obama is going to have his fourth State Dinner for Angela Merkel in June.
    I bet he’s had more State Dinners at this stage in his presidency than any other president. He just loves the pomp(ous) and circumstance.

  3. I think the government should shut dow. These fools in congress need to get their act together and realize that this nation is drowning in debt and they also must stop the mad spending. I think that the prez, all members of congress should NOT be paid until they pass a budget with serious cuts in spending and social entitilement programs. We cannot sustain things the way they are. Lower taxes and give businesses a break to hire Americans to get Americans back to work. NO MORE HANDOUTS!! And in addition to NOT paying the prez and congress, I think they should also be fined/penalized financially for NOT doing their job and getting the budget under control. Sorry for the rant…..

  4. A “Government Shut Down” sounds worse than what it really is. The government literally does not shut down. There are only certain limited functions which will stop. Our soldiers don’t stop fighting, social security checks still get delivered. However, non essential services will be affected. Maybe the checks to GE will not get printed. A government shut down might get us a lot closer to the 100M in savings for 2011.