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Carney: Obama Had it as Tough as Lincoln

The White House today took the “blame Goerge W. Bush for President Obama’s problems” strategy to a new extreme, asserting the former president left Obama with an assortment of problems rivaling that of any president in history.

Answering a question about when Obama will complete “things that are left undone” – as referenced by a supporter in the Obama campaign video released today –  White House Press Secretary Jay Carney suggested that Obama has been hindered in his effort to finish his initiatives by a unprecedented cleanup operation necessitated by Bush.

Well, without addressing, again, specifically that video, I would say that he has been in office for a little over two years and faced a collection of challenges that compare in their size and complexity with any collection ever faced by any president coming into office in the history of this country.

Carney’s comment suggests the White House believes that the problems Obama faced on Inauguration Day are equal to those of Abraham Lincoln, who was presented with the secession of the South and the need to wage a Civil War; George Washington, who had to launch what was then the experiment known as the United States of American; Franklin D. Roosevelt, who took over a country facing The Great Depression;  and Gerald Ford, who had to heal both the economy as well as a nation torn asunder by the resignation of Richard Nixon.

The comment by Carney indicates the Obama campaign will try to revive the 2008 campaign storyline of a heroic Obama while deemphasizing particular issues like health care reform, which is unpopular with at least half the electorate. Indeed, the campaign video released today fails to mention a single specific Obama initiative or achievement, pointing solely to the need for Obama to continue as president.

26 thoughts on “Carney: Obama Had it as Tough as Lincoln”

  1. Oh, PULEEEEZE. Can this guy ever stop complaining and blaming GWB for everything? This guy is such a whiner, lazy, teleprompter-reading, partying, vacationing, hoops-playing shell of a man who has NO experience whatsoever. He is in the position to surround himself with the best of the best in terms of aides and advisors, yet he doesn’t do that and blames the former admin for everything that is wrong. I bet he thinks the Japan triple tragedy was also GWB’s fault too.

  2. What a Monday Barry starts the Billion dollar race and France attacks Gbagbo in the Ivory Coast under the UN flag..witch means we are most likely doing logistical for it …Sarkozy didn’t pussy foot around like Barry either in the 1st attacks he took out the presidential palace as well as his private residence….Time to hit Libya’s murderer in chief as well. And Yemen explodes…But if you please send your donation here…..

    The mud thickens…

  3. We’ve heard that before; oh, so much work, so little time….
    This, from a man who has never held a job that required him to be somewhere all the time and to take responsiblity for his actions or non-actions.
    Well, he wanted the job. Lied like a dog to get it. Now he has it.

  4. You could have fooled me. If things were so bad why has Obama played golf 62 times, had time to play basketball and go to games, throw endless White House parties and go on endless travel and vacations?

    My video from a couple of days ago shows his utter insincerity. His speechwriters can’t even keep straight what he supposedly worries about.

  5. The real problem is that he can’t STOP saying crap like this. His brainwashed followers crave that kind of rhetoric.

    If he DOES stop Bush blaming, he will lose most of his followers, if he DOESN’T stop, he will lose the more intelligent ones.

  6. If he wasn’t up for the job, he shouldn’t have run for president. Nobody forced him to run and he must have known what kind of the shape the government was in from his time in the Senate. Oh wait, he started campaigning for president right after he won that seat. Incidentally, did anyone hear how he got the senate job anyway? Somebody released the Republican candidate’s sealed divorce records. Dirty politics is how he got where he is and now he wants to cry about how much work he has to do. Sheesh…

  7. I was just saying the other day, how often I mistake barry for Honest Abe!…the likeness is uncanny. Which one oversaw the splitting of America? Which one caused it?…I always get those two mixed up…darn! One was a hero and died in the service of this country and the other one plays hoop right?

  8. Here’s what Obama said last time he was running (deserves to be widely shared)…

    “All of us know what those challenges are today – a war with no end, a dependence on oil that threatens our future, schools where too many children aren’t learning, and families struggling paycheck to paycheck despite working as hard as they can. We know the challenges. We’ve heard them. We’ve talked about them for years.

    What’s stopped us from meeting these challenges is not the absence of sound policies and sensible plans. What’s stopped us is the failure of leadership, the smallness of our politics – the ease with which we’re distracted by the petty and trivial, our chronic avoidance of tough decisions, our preference for scoring cheap political points instead of rolling up our sleeves and building a working consensus to tackle big problems.”


    1. Wow. Just. Wow.

      I truly don’t understand how the majority of Americans (naturally not the hard core liberals because, as some of them are my “friends” I have learned that they will literally rationalize and defend everything this man does, even if it is as grossly and blatently hypocritical) don’t roll their eyes every time they hear stuff like this and his Bush bashing. It’s one thing to run on that in 2008, but at some point, you would think that Americans would take a look at his actual record. After four years, Bush was held accountable for his record, so after four years, so should Obama.

      It’s like the Americans that still support him have to actively work to block out logic and fact when it comes to this President, and it seems that would take far more energy than just admitting they made a mistake when they voted in the first place. We have a word for that in the psychology world – cognitive dissonance. It’s far too emotionally distressful to just admit you effed up, so you spend more cogntive and emotional energy defending your choice in an effort to reduce the discomfort created by your mistake.

      Keith, I’ve been thinking about this – one of the reasons I like your blog so much is that you don’t buy what this adminstration is selling. You actually seem invested in truth, regardless of who is in office (and you’re funny, so there’s that). So at what point do the others in the mainstream (read:left) media, actually turn to each other and say, “Yeah, okay, I can’t spin this anymore, I can’t sell this garbage to the American people anymore”? I mean, I have to imagine that at some point they have to acknoweldge they’ve been taken for a ride, no?

      1. No? yes they can still believe. Liberal friends blame it all on the Repubs while ignoring the fact that MrO had a majority in both houses of Congress and could have done or passed anything.
        Or, FOX news, the “liars”, but they can’t say what “lie” exactly and just get all frustrated with it all.
        The strange twist is that while the Poobahs of the Dem party want the illegal aliens to be given amnesty, all my liberal friends want them to be deported back to Mexico. Today.

      2. Thanks Megan, I appreciate that very much. That’s what I got tired of as part of the mainstream media – having to put up quotes that I knew were obviously nonsense just to show “balance” by making sure everyone is heard. You’re kind of trapped into doing it as a member of the MSM. What the MSM does too little of is question the assumptions they’re given. Anyway, I started the blog to do exactly what you say – try to get at the truth and be as objective as possible. Which is why sometimes I compliment them or agree with them – which I know drives some readers crazy – because I’m not looking to stick it to the White House, just expose it when we get BS or sidestepping of issues and questions, which is plenty often enough.

  9. It’s not like leaving an apartment unswept…Presidents are HIRED to problem-solve. Just because this one can’t–don’t blame the previous tenant for leaving too hard problems.

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