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And We’re Off! Obama Heads Out to Golf

Obama is indeed golfing today. He’s at the Andrews Air Force Base course.

11 thoughts on “And We’re Off! Obama Heads Out to Golf”

  1. I’d like to think that our Prez is mulling over the events of the last week while enjoying some fresh air and moderate exercise. Surely he’s thinking about the total disaster in Libya and what the future will hold for those people and for the US. He’s asking himself if grabbing a tiger by the tail without a knife to kill it is dangerous and will the tiger then turn and attack him.
    He understands that Americans enjoy Freedom of Speech and wonders why so many are blaming the religious man in Florida for the deaths of UN workers and others in Afganistan. After all, it was just a book that the Pastor burned.
    He mentions to his fellow golfers that while the overall employment rate has decreased, Americans are still suffering the highest unemployment rate in years. He’s worried that coupling unemployment with rampant inflation will cause hardship that will last for years. He hopes that he’s not going to be blamed for that because Bush started it all.
    While admitting that he’s not involved with the budget process, he hopes that the Dems hold their ground because he heard that the Repubs bill will cause the death of 70,000 children somehow.
    After some cool refreshment, the conversation drifts to the 2012 elections and MrO tells his companions that he’s going to need a billion dollars to reach the fearful and reptile-thinking voters because it doesn’t look like the illegal aliens are going to be able to vote soon. He says he’s confident of the Black vote because they vote by skin color and the unions will support him because he can wipe them out with a stroke of his pen. Laughing, he repeats the phrase “reward your friends and punish your enemies”.
    On the way back to the clubhouse, MrO hopes that tonight’s dinner won’t be that chopped vegetable crap that MrsO keeps pushing on him. He really hates having to sneak down to the WH kitchen for something good to eat.

    1. Beautiful comment,glad to see Im not the only one who goes crazy once in a while over whats goin on… for anybody else in 2012

      1. Yeah, what is up with that 70,000 kids will die because of the bad Republicans stuff? Obviously they pulled that out of their..policy cavity…but what the?

  2. I had hoped that Obama would sit back be a do nothing President. So I’m happy when he is playing golf. But when he comes back to the office all hell breaks lose. Nobody has been able to checkmate him, Libya is a complete screw up. Obama blew it and the Republicans are giving him a pass. It seems that only Rand Paul is challenging him. The hawks in the party are foaming at the mouth in their blind hatred of Gaddafi. The blow back from our handling of Libya will further weaken our position in the world.

    Based on the poll numbers on Libya this duffer will be re elected. He is able to spin any situation his way.

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