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Obama to File for Reelection Next Week

President Obama will file paperwork as early as Monday to launch his campaign, according to various reports, a move that will allow him to begin amassing what Democratic officials hope will be a $1 billion war chest to take on his Republican challenger.

Yes, it seems early, and Obama opens himself to charges that he’s busy getting himself reelected while wars rage and the economy continues to recover. In fact, he’ll be the only candidate in the race, either Republican or Democratic. But the fundraising process is a long haul – George W. Bush began his now quaint-seeming effort to raise merely a $100 million or more in May 2003, just after he launched a major war.

Obama is expected to announce the move in an email to his grassroots Organizing for America supporters. He’ll soon begin fundraising for himself, including an event this month in Chicago, where the campaign will be based.

9 Responses to Obama to File for Reelection Next Week

  1. I could almost cry when I think of him bouncing around, the oh-so-cool white “Mad Men” shirts, those spidery hands flapping as he comes down airplane steps, etc. Ack!

  2. The ROI must be really good if he is willing to bet 1B. Win/Loose he must have one great book deal in the works. And as always use other peoples money. Time to pass out the Kool Aid. Of course all the re election material will have to be made in China. Those stupid union workers want to be paid to much. The US T-shirt companies are also probably owned by Tea Partiers.

    I have some Obama prayer rugs. Anyone interested?

  3. Just because ‘Bush did it’, doesn’t make it right for Obama to do it too. Going to war with Iraq may have worked in Bush’s favor at the time, but Obama miscalculated in Libya. His good buddies Farrakhan (Nation of Islam) and Malik Zulu Shabazz (New Black Panthers) are not happy campers. Obama is dissing Qaddafi and they don’t like it at all. Most conservatives, not to be confused with neo-cons, are against America’s involvement in a third war, especially with our dire fiscal problems. If it truly was for humanitarian reasons, how can he ignore the slaughter in Syria? Remember what Colin Powell told Bush before the Iraq war…”You break it, you own it.” Too bad Powell didn’t give Obama the same advice.

  4. Right, Libya wasn’t broken. Libya was a functioning state. It employed hundreds of foreign workers. It provided an income for many people, Gaddafi was on our payroll. All the President had to do was keep him in check. We have wasted over 1B so far Couldn’t the money have been used in foreign aid. We needed to use a carrot and stick approach with Gaddafi. Doesn’t the President have an.internaional calling card. If he had positioned the Navy off the coast of Libya all he had to do was call Gaddafi and say. “Hey Omar two of my top advisers are arriving in a few minutes to assist you” What was Gaddafi going to do. Other than the proverbial sihp