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Pakistani Actress Does Battle with Gruesome Muslim Cleric

Mostly, I thought you all would like to see this quite dramatic video of the quite brave Pakistani actress Veena Malik standing up to the ravings of some Pakistani cleric.

And also, I thought the video serves as a good commentary on President Obama’s efforts to “reach out” to extremists like those in the Iranian leadership and his new multilateralist vision which counts on the support of members of the Arab league to conduct U.S. policy in the Middle East.

That is, we are somehow beholden now to people like this cleric, who are either on or just behind the thrones of many of the region’s rulers.

Please tell me if the cleric looks like someone you can reason with.

More evidence we shouldn’t have been so quick to throw Mubarak in the trash, BTW.

You’ll notice that Malik also goes after the Westernized-looking host of the show and the Pakistani media, which she obviously thinks is busy kowtowing to the extremists.

Would that the “moderates” in these countries be as brave as she. Then perhaps the Pakistani leadership wouldn’t be assisting us while also providing sanctuary for the Taliban.

H/T to Webutante, where I first saw this, and Michael Weiss at The New Criterion, who dug it up.

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14 Responses to Pakistani Actress Does Battle with Gruesome Muslim Cleric

  1. So now we should nuke Pakistan or something? How many of those guys in those trucks in the Libyan desert feel the same? You are talking about our allies or enemies of our enemy. I think. Are they? I can’t even keep up anymore. To me this shows that we don’t “get” this culture at all and ought to butt out. Can I say butt? Sigh.

      • Keith seemed to say these clerics were do bad there was no reasoning with them, so let’s bomb Iran…that was what I got from it. I don’t think it’s just this “cleric,” that some of our so-called allies probably feel the same.

        • You still haven’t explained how you concluded that pointing out that Pakistan, a somewhat ally with a semi-friendly government, is struggling with militant jihadists within its borders is the same as wanting to prevent Iran, a nation with a government that is little more than a doomsday cult with a leader who wants to start Armageddon in order to precipitate the coming of the 12th Imam, from gaining nuclear weapons.

  2. You just know that hollowed-out, grizzled old fart would do her in a Karachi minute if he could in secret.
    A lot of those hypocrites go on sex-vacations to London, Paris and Dubai.

  3. Wow. Great video. Suggestion: re-subtitle the video side-by-side so we could see what that little greaseball was ranting about while Ms. Malik was speaking.

  4. Keith, *superb* article, here.

    Several points:

    1. The difference between India and Pakistan is night and day. India is a thriving democracy; Pakistan is dirty, diseased and rooted in 5th century Islam. India will eventually surpass the U.S. in GDP; Pakistan remains a third world country, like Afghanistan, gives safe harbor to Al Queda and worldwide Islamic terror. India is a target of Islamic terror – Pakistan, like the world’s Islamic nations – supports, trains and exports terrorism.

    2. This young lady will be targeted by Pakistani-Islamic terrorists for extermination. WHERE are the American feminists? Where is the UN Women’s Rights Council? Where is Obama?

    3. I read this this morning about a gay Briton in Saudi Arabia, arrested because of Sharia Law:

    ITEM: Islam is not a religion of peace. It is a religion of anti-Semitism, bigotry, rape, murder, deceit, governmental-backed religious extermination and extreme depravity.

  5. I should also note that had this young lady been a lesbian, she would already have been *murdered* by the Islamists in Pakistan.

    I live in Texas – we are the most *armed* state in the nation (the ATF found this out when they stormed David Koreshs’ compound in Waco). Even though I am a homosexual, I am *armed* so be it Islamic or Christian – no radical will take me, or my partner, away for “homosexual crimes.”

    I was listening to a rabid, foul-mouthed Pentacostal preacher talk about the “crime of homosexuality” (no doubt while this fraud is masterbating to online porn) and the need for “Old Testament justice.”

    The Second Amendment provides us the ability to keep these freaks at bay; thank heavens for our Founding Fathers and to Smith and Wesson.

  6. Sure, let’s have a conversation about organized religions that glorify those who have a penis and subjugate those who don’t. We’ll put together a panel of women Rabbis, Priests, Monks, Ministers,Shamans and Muslim Clerics to discuss……….
    OK, then let’s put together a panel composed of the women who lead their nations……..Germany, ?
    While I abhor the subjugation and enslavement of females that the Muslim religion embraces, other organized religions practice a more subtle discrimination that, nontheless, excludes women from positions of leadership.
    Black American males who were freed from slavery were given the right to vote 50 years before any American woman was deemed to be intelligent enough to cast a vote. At the highest political level in America we have a designation for the FirstLady, but nothing addresses the possibility of a “first dude”.
    60 years ago, no American woman was permitted to be a firefighter, a postal carrier, or even a school principal. American women were refused entrance into a court of law if they were wearing slacks or a pant suit, not a dress or skirt. There were no intermural organized female sports permitted in our schools.
    Yes, Muslims treat their women badly but the rest of the world isn’t doing so great, either.

  7. Bravo! Muslim women just do not talk back to the madmen mullahs. Women are supposed to demurely accept the shame, but she fought back. This tells me that Pakistan is moving closer to an Islamic state, which would be tragic for every Pakistani. I hope this brave young woman is not punished for speaking out. It would be a death sentence for her in Iran.