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Obama Morning News || April 1, 2011

SecDef Robert Gates and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton both appear to be in agreement that the United States will not be arming the Libyan rebels. Clinton, after meeting with them and reading the intel, apparently still doesn’t feel she knows who they are, according to the New York Times. But we’re OK with others arming them, which is consistent with our policies not making sense.

Conservatives are pressuring House Speaker John Boehner not to make a deal with Obama on the budget, with Tea Party members holding a rally and New Gingrich, author of the 1995 shutdown disaster for the GOP, weighing in.

George W. Bush advised Obama not to retreat in Afghanistan lest he “create a safe haven for terrorists and stand by and watch women’s rights be abused.”

Facebook cozies up to the Obamas. The White House brushed off Walmart CEO Bill Simon’s forecast of inflation as merely “one person’s prediction.”

And Obama today will showcase alternative fuel vehicles at a UPS plant in Landover.

15 Responses to Obama Morning News || April 1, 2011

  1. I saw an interview with NATO boss Fogh Rasmussen yesterday. He was pretty clear about arming the rebels; absolutely no.
    Violent unrest in the Ivory Coast right now. Luckily Obamas policies are so muddled, otherwise he would have to be consistent and interfere there as well. But helping Africans in despair might be beneficial to his campaign so who knows.

  2. That is pretty rich. The largest retailer in the US is brushed off. I guess if they made a donation to a certain re election campaign or they were Green they might move-up on the pecking order. The Administration is so out of touch with the average American. I guess they think everyone shops at Whole Foods and Bloomingdale’s.

  3. Remember that really cool meeting Obama had with Zuckerberg and the other wealthy wiz-kids? Prepare to see a lot of Administration propaganda on FB while dissenting postings will be removed.

  4. The Republicans in congress are so afraid they will be blamed for a shutdown, they may cave on $30 billion in cuts. Mike Pence should take the reins of leadership and challenge Reid on the threat of shutdown. Boehner appears to have grown too soft.