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Obama Adviser Suggested an Invasion of Israel

The lengths to which Obama foreign policy adviser Samantha Power will go to enforce her “Responsibility to Protect” doctrine are further than you might imagine.

Power is the National Security Council aide who, as you’ve probably read, played a key role in getting President Obama to attack Qaddafi to prevent a potential bloodbath in Libya. A longtime adviser, she is in many ways the architect of Obama’s foreign policy thinking, informing his thought on key matters like the need for multilateralism and UN cooperation in U.S. military activities and the eagerness to engage in dialogue with dictators like  Iran’s Ahmadinejad.

Power backs the goals of the “Responsibility to Protect” movement, or “RtoP,” which advocates international military intervention in countries where the most egregious human rights abuses are occurring.

In a 2002 interview, Power said higher “principles” held by the United States give it the right and even the obligation to intervene militarily when civilians are in endangered by their own leaders’ actions.

In Israel at the time, the second Intifada was raging as Palestinian terrorists killed innocent Israeli civilians in a years-long campaign that many believe was launched by Palestinian bosses as a tool to gain concessions from Israel. Power says the United States should forcibly intervene to stop the violence, arguing that Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon were “dreadfully irresponsible” and that their people were paying the price.

Unfortunately, imposition of a solution on unwilling parties is dreadful. I mean, It’s a terrible thing to do, it’s fundamentally undemocratic. But, sadly, we don’t just have a democracy here either, we have a liberal democracy. There are certain sets of principles that guide, you know, our policy, or that are meant to, anyway. And there, it’s essential that some set of principles becomes the benchmark, rather than a deference to people who are fundamentally politically destined to destroy the lives of their own people. And by that I mean what Tom Freidman has called “Sharafat.” I mean, I do think in that sense, both political leaders have been dreadfully irresponsible. And, unfortunately, it does require external intervention . . .

You’ll notice, she’s not just advocating intervention to stop an obviously malevolent tyrant like Muammar Qaddafi. She’s saying the U.S. should move in when it merely finds other leaders incompetent to do the right thing for their people.

Here’s the video of her full remarks on Israel. It’s an excerpt from an interview she did at the Institute of International Studies at the University of California, Berkeley as part of its “Conversations with History” series. As far as I can tell, the interview has been scrubbed from the website, though another she did in 2008 remains. The three minute bit you’ll see was preserved on YouTube.

This is alarming on several levels. First, why does she not take issue with the outrageous suggestion by the interviewer that the Israelis might engage in genocide? Here’s what Harry Kreisler, director of the institute, asked her:

Let me give you a thought experiment here, and it is the following: without addressing the Palestine – Israel problem, let’s say you were an advisor to the President of the United States, how would in response to current events would you advise to put a structure in place to monitor that situation, lest if one party or another be looking like they might be moving toward genocide?

Instead of getting up and walking out on this “thought experiment,” she responds by comparing the situation to that which existed in Srebrenica or Rwanda.

Such bland acceptance of Israel’s evil nature must be de rigeur in The Academy, as these two discuss a potential genocide committed by Jews as if it were an obvious possibility. Unfortunately, this attitude has graduated from The University to the White House, where she now works.

Listen to Power sneer at the “billions of dollars” we spend “servicing Israel’s military.” I for one think much of the U.S. aid to Israel may hurt our ally more than help it, but Power’s phrasing makes here distaste for the Israel Defense Forces clear.

She seems to imply as well that Jewish influence and money are weakening the will of politicians to conduct proper foreign policy.

Putting something on the line might mean alienating a domestic constituency of tremendous political and financial import.

She wants to introduce a “mammoth” U.S. military presence over Sharon’s objections. This strikes me, for someone who now is in a position of incredible power, as worse than anti-Israeli. It’s just really bizarre.

This video is nine years old. We all change in nine years, and perhaps Samantha Power has too. But a 2007 interview published on the Harvard John F. Kennedy School of Government suggests maybe not. In it, she indicates that Israel had an important role in getting us into the Iraq War.

It is tempting to see Iraq as the source of all our woes now, whereas I see Iraq as the symptom, in some measure, of a number of longstanding trends and defects in American foreign policy.

[One] longstanding foreign policy flaw is the degree to which special interests dictate the way in which the “national interest” as a whole is defined and pursued. Look at the degree to which Halliburton and several of the private security and contracting firms invested in the 2004 political campaigns and received very lucrative contracts in the aftermath of the U.S. takeover of Iraq. Also, America’s important historic relationship with Israel has often led foreign policy decision-makers to defer reflexively to Israeli security assessments, and to replicate Israeli tactics, which, as the war in Lebanon last summer demonstrated, can turn out to be counter-productive.

This is pretty incredible stuff and suggests someone who views Israel as a malevolent influence on U.S. policy that needs to be put in its place.

Power seems very much within the current international vogue of viewing the Palestinians as helplessly oppressed and Israel as a quasi-Apartheid state. It should be a great concern to Jewish voters – who supported Obama overwhelmingly in 2008 and probably will again in 2012 –  as well as to other Israel supporters that such a person has so much influence over the president.

A hat tip to Pundit Press, where I found this video.

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  1. This is truly startling. People who used to complain that “neo-cons” in the White House illegally pushed us into war with Iraq are now in the White House and now they want to push us into war with allies. It’s alarming who we discover in this administration.

  2. Bingo!
    The Libya adventure — specifically its justification — is table-setting for the administration to step in on behalf of the Palestinians for “humanitarian” reasons. I’m surprised more people haven’t been able to see the larger game at play here.

  3. It seems many of the Jewish supporters of Obama agree with the likes of Powers. My take is that they dislike/hate Israel as much as most Americans dislike/hate muslim terrorists. In their world up is down, black is white, right is wrong, wrong is right….etc. etc. etc. You can’t fix these people, they’re hopelessly sick with these ideas.

    1. It’s like the group “Queers for Palestine” who fail to understand that homosexuals in Muslim countries are lucky to be beheaded rather than stoned to death.

      1. Interesting point. As a gay man myself, for years I have seen the major gay organizations remain *silent* while GLBT are butchered in ALL muslim countries. Israel, interestingly, is the only nation in the Middle East where gays and lesbians can live openly and in peace.

        1. It’s always struck me as bizarre. I have a friend who’s gay who used to tell me that the US was just as bad as Iran for not legalizing same-sex marriage. Then, little Mahmoud gave his talk at Columbia and a light came on. He started doing research and realized that there’s a tremendous difference between saying, “you can’t get married,” and saying “you are condemned to a horrible death.”

  4. I can’t imagine how anyone can look beyond the facade of this administration and not be absolutely horrified by what they find there, and in what directions those in power want to take the country. I used to think it was hyperbole to say so, but I am truly absolutely terrified for my children’s futures in the United States.

    1. Yes, it’s frightening. But what’s more frightening than this insane administration is the major media outlets of the United States. They scare me more than Obama and his thugs. A huge propaganda machine that works for Dear Leader. If Obama announced today his ambition is to become “dictator” of the United States of America, the Media would ignore that statement and report on the Global Warming Crisis. Where are the questions about “out of control energy costs”? Questions about Obama loaning taxpayer’s money to Brizil to explore and drill for oil? We have no “watch dogs”, no “mouth piece” for the citizens. That’s scary.

    1. Remember that most of the Obama cabinet are neo-Marxists, schooled at the upper crust universities where capitalism is slandered and Israel is “racist” and “Islamophobic.”

      I will never forget when I was in San Fran watching a pro-terrorist “freedom for Palestine” protest at the Mayor’s Office. The usual liberal ash and trash were present … then when the local GLBT organizations tried to join in (“hey were liberals too!”) they were not only turned away but told that Al’ah forbids homosexuality and that its an “enemy of Islam” – holy mackerel. The local news media refused to cover the story and only GLBT media gave it one small paragraph in a local porn publication.

      The enemy is amongst us: Islamist sleeper cells coupled with Barack Hussein Obama – two forces that will certainly attempt to destroy the State of Israel.

  5. The hubris of these people…
    Their world-view includes a self-image of being the smartest person in any given room; supremely qualified to make decisions for everyone else. These intellectually-inbred Elitists (a term used more and more with derision) lean back in their leather chairs in Washington and scheme to impose their wills on Tel Aviv, Tripoli, Phoenix, Omaha, Amarillo…
    To correct Ms. Powers, the United States began as a Republic and for the most part still is. Liberal Democracy – one man, one vote on all matters – usually descends into chaos and is absorbed by some other state or becomes authoritarian because no one can make any money with the streets on fire. Sometimes a Liberal Democracy can become a dangerous totalitarian state (Weimar).
    People like Powers can create wonderful arguments for their philosopy but turn out to be horrible at governance.
    Has everyone forgotten that we are dealing with a serious budget crisis because the Democrats failed to pass a budget when they were in control of EVERTHING last year?
    If we cannot see this perhaps they are correct in their world-view.

  6. Glenn Beck has been right on target about Samantha Power (aka Mrs. Cass Sunstein). George Soros funded groups are financing the UN Responsibility to Protect doctrine she has been pushing for years and it is getting a test run in Libya. Next up will be Israel, just to protect the innocent Palestinians of course. If the US turns against Israel in this fight, it will have ramifications of biblical proportions.

  7. I have called Barack Obama an anti-Semite for several years, and now, this egregious term is WITH warrant: Samantha Powers is known to be a virulent, closet, liberal anti-Semite and this video (and corresponding info) prove it. She’s been a proponent of ‘the Palestinian Solution’ which is nothing more than Jews being relocated to different parts of the world. She is a VICIOUS, filthy racist … but the media adores her. After all, she wrote the forward to Gen. Dallaire’s book and has been on the forefront on Rwandan issues….

    Can you imagine that an American President would have liberal bigots such as this on his staff?

    Could you imagine the day when an American President would actually ENTERTAIN THE IDEAS of anti-Jewish, anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic staffers and cabinet members?

    Do you now believe that our President is an anti-Semite?

  8. Also note folks … that her opinion is shared by THOUSANDS if not millions on the left. Having worked at a Jewish non-profit in Texas for nearly a decade, I have spoken with a good dozen Israeli military officers who have stated that the real threat to Israel will not be from the Arabs … it will come from liberal anti-Semites in the United States and Europe who movers and shakers.

    In short, the real ‘Nazi’s’ who will help with the destruction of the Jewish state will be Obama staffers, advisors, voters, college professors, students, Islamic groups, European delegates, Palimentarians, advisors and voters.

    The New Left in the U.S. and abroad is nothing more than a modern-version of the NSDAP.

  9. Is anyone in the House (other than possibly Michelle Bachmann–and she cannot do everything) or Senate (a lost cause) paying attention? Or do the ALL think this way?

    How and why does Ms. Power-Sunstein have the power she has? Was she vetted? (I know, I crack myself up too).

  10. Terrible, but seems like time for push back. Time to write letters to the editor every time the media pushes these ideas. Get your facts in line and start.

  11. How is it that this bunch of leftist seem so much more organized than the right. The democrats in general seem to be organized more than the republicans. Is it because they have the media so behind them cleaning up the messes or covering the messes? Is there a silent majority left that will vote against these people or are we all going to fall for another smooth talking, say what you want them to hear campaign…. am I the only one against all this?…. don’t think so….

    1. You know all those hippie activists from the 60’s? We thought they just grew up and took responsibility for becoming adults. Well, they didn’t, they went far underground and have been plotting all along. They are very well organized and that’s why so much damage is being done. We were blind, we were silent. We aren’t any more.

  12. To echo what Susan said – Glenn Beck is exactly right. Beck has been talking about Soros & Egypt & Obama for months, and about Power for weeks. This is not news to us.

    More on Power:

    We have a convergence of crises right now – the Middle East turmoil, our economic situation (and Obama keeps turning the screws), and the fervent belief in Iran in the 12th Iman. It doesn’t matter if we think it’s crazy – what’s important is what THEY believe. Jerusalem must be taken over, to hasten the appearance of the 12th Iman. The Iranian government – yes, the government – helped produce a video detailing the Iman’s coming. By one calculation I did, it would be August when this (the Anti-Christ to us Christians) … thing … will appear.

    Let those with ears, let them hear. This whole “Responsibility to Protect” project, and Obama’s going to the Arab League, and the UN, and NATO – it’s ALL setting a precedent – of other powers/entities dictating to America how we will act. What friends does Israel have left? Egypt is gone as a de facto ally. Recall that Iranian warships went through the Suez for the first time in 32 yrs – and docked at Syria. And Hillary calls Syria’s Assad a “reformer”! Jordan’s in turnoil. All “moderate” Islamic gvt’s are having to appease the Islamists within their countries.

    What do Soros and Power et al really want? A Palestinian state – by force if necessary. And the real prize which will necessarily result – a New World Order. Yes, that. Why is that so hard to believe? What do you all think Hitler was doing? And Napoleon? Rampaging across Europe and North Africa – slaughtering civilians – taking over nations by force. The lust for power has infected people throughout the ages.

    Again, they are setting a precedent. Libya isn’t that important to them – it’s a means to an end. Remember that Qaddafi was BFF’s w/ Farrakhan, and Jeremiah Wright, and Sarkozy, and Soros too (until Saif plagiarized his London School of Economics dissertation and humiliated his sponsor, Soros). Foolish Qaddafi – he was disposable all along.

    Keith, please watch Beck’s episodes from last Monday. You can get them at or at Right Scoop. Today he’s got “Reza Kahlili” – not his real name – used to be a Revolutionary Guard soldier in Iran – he writes for Breitbart’s “Big Peace”. Just heard Eric Stakelbeck (another guest) say that Israel is the canary in the coal mine – EXACTLY! BTW, KT McFarland’s been on Beck too. No one in the “right” circles wants to admit watching Beck. Well, I do – and I don’t own a tinfoil hat either.

    Too many people just don’t get it – Soros/Jarrett/Brennan (it’s suspected he was in Cairo back in January laying the groundwork)/Sunstein & his wife Power are all calling the shots. The President is an empty suit.

    Wake up America!

    1. Miranda,Thank you for writing so succinctly what has been scaring the heck of me for a long time. Soros’ groups have been fairly successful in labeling Glenn Beck as a kook. Well, I know he is not a kook and neither are we.

    2. How did you determine it would be Aug? I have family in Israel, I would love to see them leave but it’s like pulling teeth.

      1. Here’s excerpts from the video –

        The complete video goes through Ahmadinejad beng a precursor to the 12th imam etc. – there are certain events that have to take place before the Mahdi comes.

        I’ll look & try to find the exact article with the complete video.

        I can’t recomend Andrew Breitbart’s Big sites enough – go to and you can look at the Israel etc. articles.

        1. Thanks Miranda, I’ll go take a look. I just had a discussion with the hard headed kid there and I got the “only Iran believes in the Mahdi and I don’t believe Syria, Jordan or Egypt will interfere.” It’s like banging my head against a wall.

  13. Samantha, how long did it take you to adopt this view and what caused it.
    Obviously you are one of the players on the team Obama and one of the reasons why his entire foreign policy team is a total shambles and a complete failure.
    I have a serious question to ask you:
    Why did you not come out for for the Ulstermen to join forces with the EU to take on the invasion of Ireland and oust the IRA.
    Or why didn’t you appeal to the E.U. to join forces with the IRA to oust the Ulstermen.

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