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Carney: We Could Get Qaddafi, but We Won’t

I think I’m in the Twilight Zone. Really, I saw Rod Serling. He was handing out cookies.

The White House spokesman today said effectively that we have the capacity to end the Libyan war, but we’re just not going to that. Because of our dedication to multilateral action, the United Nations and the brotherhood of man, we’d rather have the conflict drag on and people continue to die. All in the name of good world governance.

Here’s what Jay Carney said. He was asked if there are any discussions about actually removing Qaddafi instead of just protecting the population from him. Maybe Jay was joking.

Does the United States have the capacity to unilaterally with military force produce regime change in Libya or another country? It probably does. We probably do. Is that a desirable action to take with — when you have your eye on the long game here in terms of Libya’s future, the future, the interests of the United States in the region? No.

It is best to pursue the policy the president has chosen to pursue, which is a coalition backing military force with limited — with a limited mission aimed at protecting Libyan civilians in response to the request from the Libyan opposition, request from the Arab League, and in concert with our partners in the United Nations, separately pursuing as a political, diplomatic, economic policy the idea that Gadhafi is no longer fit to lead and should step down, and pursuing all those measures unilaterally and collectively that help drive towards that goal.

Yes, we’re not stupid Bushies. We got our eye on “the long game here.” We’re not so dumb as to get into a war to win it. There are principles involved.

Obama increasingly reminds me of some grandpa who says, “No, no, this is how you grill a hamburger!” and it comes out all seared on the outside and somehow raw in the middle, but you did it “right.”

"Yay Obama!"

Or like, in the old Batman TV series, when the Riddler or the Penguin could have easily killed Batman and Robin, but they decided they were going to put an end to them “the fun way.” So they tied them up in some kind of supposedly deadly contraption that would kill them slowly and with some panache, and the Dynamic Duo inevitably escaped.

All this is perhaps not too surprising, since as you may remember, our goal in Afghanistan is not to win the war, buy to “break the Taliban’s momentum” and then hand the thing off to Karzai.

So we’re in two wars, and our goal is to win neither. Iraq, a third, was handed to President Obama already basically won.

This is the Obama Doctrine, apparently: Not only do we dispense with the notion of “overwhelming force” in wars, but we put aside even the idea of winning wars at all.

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12 Responses to Carney: We Could Get Qaddafi, but We Won’t

  1. What a shame. We are the strongest country,(militarily and economically),in the world and yet we are saddled with the weakest leader of the15 nations involved in the Libyan struggle.

    • Kim Jong Il is a more powerful leader than this tool..Kim may not have anything much,but he is feared and unsettling enough,more experience…oops,think I just threw up in my mouth.

  2. Since he is such a great organizer why doesn’t he call Qaddafi and play the “good cop”and portray Cameron and Sarkozy as the “bad cops” .He should make Gaddafi an offer to accept that he can remain but the rebels will administer half of the country. This essentially puts Qaddafi back on a short leash and allows us time to figure who these rebels are.

  3. The brainiacs in the WhiteHouse have appropriated the script from the last movie in the PinkPanther series. With the untimely passing of the lead actor, PeterSellers, his role is being played by MrGates, SoD. The villian known as Kaddafi will be played by MoMoQ, an aging rap singer whose single hit “Blondes In The Tent” was chosen by the Hollywood Wannabes as “single of the year”. The film will be shot on location in the streets of Libya with a cast of dozens portraying a rebel uprising while dodging Tomahawk missles. The PinkPanther’s sinister houseman, Kato, will be played by a mysterious African-Indonesian known as Oboba.
    No date has been set for release.

  4. Everything we have experienced since Obama’s arrival on the scene has been like living in the Twilight Zone. His handlers probably see our extended involvement in Libya as a way to kill two birds with one stone. They encircle Israel to implement their version of the final solution, and kill off whatever is left of America’s economy.

  5. In 415 BC, Athens sent an army to besiege Syracuse. Rather than put the primary advocate for the expedition, Alcibiades, in charge, the Athenians chose to put three generals in charge with the head general the one who was most opposed to the expedition, Nicias. Alcibiades was recalled on charges of blasphemy and he defected to Sparta. When the two remaining generals failed to make headway against Syracuse, reinforcements were sent under Demosthenes and Eurymedon. The four generals bickered and could not make any headway. In the end, Athens lost the battle, the entire army, almost all its navy, and effectively lost the war against Sparta. All of this could have been prevented had the Athenian army made a strong push early when it could have taken Syracuse with relative ease.

    The point of this abbreviated history? Just to show how a powerful nation, with a powerful military can be defeated by fighting its war by committee and not being willing do what is necessary to win.

  6. This is like watching the Scorer’s Apprentice. Obama was left in charge of the workshop. His simple job was to not touch anything and fill the tank with water. Basically finish the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Instead he enchanted the broom to do his work. Obama went to Egypt and enchanted the citizens to rise up.. Now that they rose up they are running. amok and he can’t control them.

  7. I insist, this should have stayed a European affair and Europe should face the consequences. Obama made a big mistake when he stumbled into it. He probably couldn´t resist. He thought it would be a quick “good” war and being a winner would look good in his campaign. This is a mess but I hope diplomacy and secret services work really hard right now to find solutions besides the “humanitarian” bombing.

  8. So our “role” in this is just to ensure that the conflict continues. Well that makes sense, in a really sadistic way. Just keep them killing each other. Good Job BO.