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Today’s Obama Poll || Conflicting Read on Prez Popularity

The two most recent polls on President Obama offer up a sharp contrast, with a Gallup survey showing a more approve of the president’s work than disapprove by 49-44 percent and a Quinnipiac poll putting Obama’s approval at only 42 percent versus 48 percent disapproving.

Much is being made about the Quinnipiac poll, but the fact is it’s an outlier among polls conducted over the last two weeks, with most showing numbers similar to the Gallup survey.

The Quinnipiac poll also was done over a longer period of time, making it perhaps a little less current than the Gallup survey. On the other hand, Gallup measured all adults, while Quinnipiac polled only registered voters.

8 Responses to Today’s Obama Poll || Conflicting Read on Prez Popularity

  1. If Libya gets worse and these developing governments in the greater Middle East show hostility to the West, expect Republicans to clutch for an Eisenhower Moment. I like Bolton; he’s smart as hell and knows foreign policy but he has to lose the moustache.
    (Teddy Roosevelt was the last)
    (Damned Hippie needs a haircut too)

  2. Translation: This poll is *really* 59 – 41. When the liberals poll, one must add ten points to make it correct.

    PREDICTION: As we near the summer, a Democratic challenger will emerge from the ranks with impressive, progressive credentials who will not be afraid to stand up and run against the Demi-God. I don’t know who, but I swear I can feel it as I talked with Texas Dem’s over the past several weeks. The dam is about to break … Camelot II is about to end …

    “Caesar does not know that those who surround him, yes, they answer in the affirmative, they smile and say Hail Caesar; he does not know they are all, all his enemies.”