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Obama Speech on Energy Security

35 thoughts on “Obama Speech on Energy Security”

  1. Another “overview” speech. What an ass. You would not think that he’s been in office for two years. He still makes it sound as if he’s not involved in the situation at all.

    I am so tired of the partay vaycay professor. Shut up and give us your information, not another “it’s not me, it’s everybody but me” speech.

  2. I came on the site and he was talking! Ack! I am on the warpath at other sites today, beware. Gosh, we need to increase our oil supply–I haven’t listened long enough to judge, but I predict he just read up on this and it’s all so new he wants to share.

  3. “What a night!”
    (rubbing beard stubble)
    “I’m so sorry, I’m late for the lecture Dr. Obama”
    “Excuse me…’scuse me.”
    (working my way to my seat)
    (awkward…he’s gonna fail me)

    1. When I read “Dreams” in 2007, I was pretty impressed with his writing. However, gee, it looks like Bill Ayers may have ghosted it.
      Now, I can’t get over just how average his intellect really is.
      (typing this as electricity surges from my skull in blue arcs)

      1. Remember how Palin was raked over for saying he and Bill the Bomber “palled” around–well, they may have written a book, dogged after grants for that whatever he ran, and Ayers had a partee for him–I would call that “palling.”

        1. Yeah…she’s been right about a lot of stuff actually.
          What’s amazing is how much elevation and buzz she can get by just pulling up the covers, adjusting her pillows, opening her laptop and tearing the POTUS a new asshole on Facebook.

  4. Can’t stand to listen to him for more than a minute or two as his sing-song really irritates me, BUT I did notice his pretty blue eyeshadow and shiny lipgloss!

  5. Well, Pres. Obama once again pointed out that 2/3rds of Gulf of Mexico oil leases are sitting idle, and complained that oil companies are the culprit for failing to explore them. He also once again failled to explain that a lease is different than a permit, that the EPA permitting process takes years, that many are being held up in litigation, and that he has not yet lifted the moratorium. But then, facts are so inconvenient to the storyline.

    1. I liked the part–can’t remember how the teenagers writing for him phrased it–but something like Am I Stupid? I remember the oil spill!

  6. Barry O reminds me of the ‘Hippie’ that jumped up at a Al Capp campus discussion in the 60’s and yelled ‘Bullshit’. Al then said” Now that you have idenified yourself young man, what is your question”?

  7. Wouldn’t it be cool if when pressed with a hard question, the lights dimmed, the music boomed and the President busted into a version of “Groove Is In The Heart”?

  8. Doubletalk.

    I could not pull anything out of his speech that was even laudatory of the American worker; only what was good about Obama and his policies.

  9. In his speech, President Obama wants the US to lead the world in an array of innovative new energy technologies than can help reduce our country’s dependence on foreign oil. He also feels strongly that nuclear power generation is a vital component of the overall US energy portfolio since, unlike fossil fuels, nuclear processes don’t release carbon dioxide into the earth’s atmosphere and thus potentially help ameliorate global warming.

    His vision for the future of energy is all well and good. However, the potential risks underlying present-day fission technologies are all-too-apparent in the slowly unfolding horror at the failing Fukushima nuclear plant complex in Japan.

    That being the case, is there an alternative nuclear technology that could potentially be developed that might provide society with a much safer, cleaner, even ‘greener’ form of nuclear energy going forward into the future? Fortunately, such a possibility does exist and it is called Low Energy Nuclear Reactions or LENRs. Unlike fission and fusion processes which primarily involve what physicists call the ‘strong interaction,’ key aspects of LENRs depend upon the ‘weak interaction’ — this is exactly what makes them ‘green.’

    Importantly, LENRs are not ‘weak’ energetically — their reaction pathways can release just as much nuclear binding energy as fission and fusion reactions, but without emitting dangerous ‘hard’ neutron or gamma radiation and without producing large quantities of long-lived, hazardous radioactive wastes.

    While little-heralded in the media, the physics of LENRs has been unraveled and published in respectable peer-reviewed academic journals. Thus the basic science is essentially complete; what is left to accomplish is the key task of device engineering. While successful commercialization of LENR is not a certainty at this point, it holds extraordinary promise as a breakthrough energy technology and deserves a far higher level of government and private funding and R&D effort than it has received to date. To learn more about this technology and where it might fit in the global energy portfolio, a White Paper is available at

    Lewis Larsen, President and CEO, Lattice Energy LLC, Chicago, IL

    1. MrLarson; your missive has obviously been misdirected sideways in the ether and static of the atmosphere and your coherent explanation of green nuclear fission has landed into a slightly irreverent blog of the follies and foibles of the Obama administration.
      While admitting that most of your missive went over my head, I assume you know what you’re talking about and wish you good luck with that.

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