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Obama Morning News || March 30, 2011

U.S. officials say a small number of Libyan rebel fighters have ties to al Qaeda, but count their influence as negligible. The Pentagon has spent $550 million so far on the Libya campaign.

In his speech on energy security today, President Obama will set a goal of a 33 percent cut in oil imports.

A split is developing between GOP leaders Cantor and Boehner over a compromise with Obama on the budget. Democrats fear a shutdown is unavoidable.

Efforts by the Obama administration have failed to limit foreclosures.

The administration has put a hold on a Defense of Marriage Act rule denying benefits to foreign nationals who are same-sex spouses of citizens.

And a former staffer for Obama’s Organizing for America¬†sought to alter politically sensitive portions of Department of Homeland Security documents set for FOIA release, according to The Daily Caller.

4 thoughts on “Obama Morning News || March 30, 2011”

  1. How did you like that one about the rebels–so-called–having “flickers” of AQ. I actually fear for the kinetic English language with this bunch.

      1. Get with the program, it’s a KMA to enforce the NFZ to WTF. In the interests of national security, it’s time for us to STFU and MOOB.
        IMO, anyway.

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