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Michelle Wore 16 Outfits in Four Days

Looks like the Obama’s trip to Latin America wasn’t wasted. At the very least, it gave Mrs. Obama a chance to try on some new clothes.

Granny Jan has done it again. Here’s the video from her website, Granny Jan and Jihad Kitty.

31 thoughts on “Michelle Wore 16 Outfits in Four Days”

  1. The phrase “totally out of touch” comes to mind. She is not coming by all these clothes legally, that you can be sure of.. Who will call her out on this ?
    The Donald can’t do everything.

      1. I hope he runs as well.

        The Donald would throw the *entire* entrenched (read: incestuous) political community into freefall if he were to step up and run against President Obama. I dont think he would win, he is not serious enough, but he would broach so many issues (like the birth certificate) that the liberal MSM abhors like a virus.

        He’s right on target on the birth certificate though. I want Obama to SHOW IT. SHOW ME the birth certificate. SHOW AMERICA the birth certificate.

        1. Dont forget his “college records” from Columbia and Harvard Law…(what did Obama study, research & what has his GPA?)
          “They” (mainstream biased media & sycophant supporters) claim Obama is sometype of “GENIUS!”… so lets see Obama’s “college records”.

  2. So, at 15 changes times 3 hours (the minimum it takes most women to change clothes) per change, Mrs. Obama spent 45 hours changing clothes. And since the trip lasted 96 hours that means she spent approximately 47% of the trip “getting ready.” If she slept 6 hours a night, then she only spent about one-third of the trip doing anything that might be considered meaningful. But, since it was four days without being preached to about my eating habits, it was worth it.

  3. My husband and I know and feel your pain. We are just like you, struggling to make ends meet. Our children must suffer too in this awful, horrible economy. Just this last trip to South America, I only had 16 outfits to wear in four days. I have been sobbing for several days now. Pray for me, that I am never subjected to the total embarrassment I had to endure with hardly anything to wear.

    1. I hear ya, Sparky. AZ is baaad. I heard Wash DC was the only place where housing is going UP. Great. They never “got” thia before and now they never will. I have four FOR SALE BANK OWNEDs on my street–and we are what we call working class over here, only few are working.

  4. One of Granny Jan’s better efforts. I can hardly wait to see the variety of costumes SWMBO will parade in front of the world when the circus goes to Europe in May. I look forward to Granny’s video after that trip!

  5. Michelle Obama is a smart woman. She must know we see this contempt on display. Wed to a once-minor, provincial ruler who has become the Sun King, she sees herself as a Queen by Divine Right. Her servants spread the golden tables with lobster, ice cream and champagne while the populace suffers under recession, inflation and war and she shames us into rationing our resources.
    “Eat less”, she says while eating more.
    This is History repeating. They are not unlike any past monarchy I can think of.
    If he loses in 2012 and there are electoral inconsistencies or some “emergency” arises, they may not want to leave.

    1. I don’t think she is smart. Have you read her thesis?

      She is the losing combination of arrogance and ignorance.

      1. Sorry…Valerie Jarrett.
        Valerie Jarrett.
        I Lose The Game.

        (I caught it because whenever I see Valerie Plame’s name, I get a little sick)

      2. …I wonder how Barack Hussein Obama’s thesis must read then?

        (oh, my bad. Obama’s “college records” are OFF LIMITS!?)

  6. 16 outfits and only one approximated the look of class: the beaded sheath.

    Of course, Michelle Antoinette had to crass it up by wearing the sheath too tight and short, adding her special tacky signature of hoochie mama.

  7. Granny Jan…knocking it outta da park…AGAIN!

    I am not sure which MOL (from MOTUS) should be credited…but the musical choice is perfect…

    ‘Yes We Can-Can!!!

    (Steal American blind…which is how the vast majority of Mrs. S’s sartorial selections are made).

  8. Best of the best GJ video evah!!
    Oh yes, the “peons” just love living vicariously through the FFA and her wardrobe choices on the paycayshuns. We are enthralled with the daily haranguing on her NoFatKidsBehind while wearing her hoochie, fashion forward, twenty something, iconic designer duds. We all now wait with bated breath for the May trip to the EU, another well deserved paycayshun for teh WONS. /

  9. My 12-year-old son saw this headline over my shoulder and said he could wear 4 outfits in 16 days. At least he speaks truthfully, unlike…

  10. I still can’t understand why on earth she thinks the bare-armed look is acceptable for formal and/or professional functions. Does she really think she looks that good? I know the answer to that, but seriously, I would never think of wearing some of the things she wears to any place I was representing my work for any reason whatsoever. Hoochie mama is a great term for her style, but maybe “People of Wal-Mart” for some of them as well!

    1. Sure the First Lady should be respected but more importantly the First Lady must respect the people she represents. The fact that this first lady chooses to represent this great nation in such trashy way shows that she has no respect for the country or its people. Respect begets respect.

      My dad always told us ” Dress for the job you want and not the job you have”. Clearly MO shows that she is more interested in being a Hoochie Mama than in representing this nation.

  11. She is like one of those “Real Housewives” on TV. Trashy, clueless, superficial. So sad for our country. It’s so true, sleeveless is NOT appropriate for the types of formal functions at which she is representing her country (nor are big gaudy dangly earrings). FLOTUS is indeed a position that deserves respect, but MO has not earned respect. And not just because she dresses like a Hoochie Mama. But that’s for another post.

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