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U.S. Boots On the Ground in Libya

Stealth boots, but boots nonetheless. The New York Times is reporting the CIA operatives have been on the ground in Libya directing airstrikes and gathering intel. And they’ve been trying to help figure out who the rebels are.

Meanwhile, Obama some time ago signed a “finding” allowing arms to be provided to the rebels, but the U.S. hasn’t given them anything yet while officials debate the effect arming the rebels would have.

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  1. Barry should contact Israel,they have tons upon tons of stockpiled weaponry they could covertly pass on thru Egypt to them,we dont have to give them any upgrades..
    On the other hand,What is worse?a)letting it drag out for 6 months,maybe a year and having 5-10000 casualties,or a bunker-buster on the compound that takes him out with a loss of 2-300 brainwashed human shields?Tough call,but in 6 months to a year there could be new elections and the coalition can handle bigger problems west of Libya….Syria and Iran.

    I stay away from the NYT and WaPo and all the bought n paid for news sources. I prefer to source the Pittsburgh,Miami,LA excetra….for my local sources,but Ive found the truth lies in the comments section of Al Jazeera,and Ynet,the Gulf Times,Ya Libyan… And there,you can pretty much skip the articles and go for the comments..I find a post with 3000 comments tells more about a situation than some reporter.No offense Kieth,Im referring to the ME.
    Ive found that since we went to Libya, Our support over this is around 70-80% positive towards us or towards positive reforms..Of course there are some Jihad talk,anti semantic too..But no where near the hostility I see with the democratic Party tops the list,followed by the Republicans then the Tea Party..And honestly the Liberals are the worst..
    I posted a simple question on Barrys facebook re election page asking”If your President is doing such a great job,why does he need a billion dollars to get re-elected,why doesn’t it just happen?I received around a 100 negative emails wishing me dead,that Im unintelligent,uninformed….
    I post on Arab sites straight reasoning on how the dictators have ruined their lives blaming Israel,while suppressing them generation after generation and I get praise.(And I cram Israel into EVERY Arab post and have received less than a couple dozen slanderous statements towards me)..Some of witch have been apologized for by other Arabs…We have to support these countries and get out of this mess.Once everyone realizes that no one is perfect and starts working towards REAL unified goals,we can get over all this war shit,and start fixing poverty,disease,hunger..Maybe even survive to enter the future…I really want a rocketship car…please.

    Iran is the key

  2. called them “rag tag rebels” and now we’re thinking about giving them arms. The rebels have no military training, no visable leader, no stated goal beyond Kadaffi’s ouster, and now it’s revealed that we do have boots on the ground.
    What arms? .22’s, deer rifles, AK47s, tanks, humvees, grenades, night vision goggles and just anything that will kill or maim someone, I suppose.
    Humanitarian, my tuchis.

  3. Even before 1960 when JFK was elected, Eisenhower had hundreds of ‘advisers’ in Viet Nam. Kennedy quickly upped this to the thousands. And then a year later 0bama was born.

    After the Tunisian uprising led to the Egyptian situation I remember thinking that a historically important level change was happening. I didn’t think then that the U.S. might, in a Kennedyesque manner, be part of it.

        • JSOC is there I’m sure; there are intel requirements and BDA/CSAR operations to perform. I’ve been trying to contact a SAD contractor buddy of mine and he is incommuicado at the moment. So that’s an indicator. Hopefully they are getting biometrics on any Libyan at the lowest level of authority

  4. No dha. How would you direct airplanes if you didn’t have spotters on the ground. Tanks are tanks from the air you need to know which ones are being driven by rebels. Everything that BO has tried hasn’t work so he figures he might as well up the ante. However, Libya is a backwater in the Arab world. Syria is the linchpin in this region that we should be focused on. A stable Syria in our camp could do a lot to upset Iran. Quit wasting time and money on something that the French and Brits want. Leave now.

  5. Watch what the other hand is doing. If smeone leaked this CIA stuff (hardly a revelation), something worse is being “covered up,” at least temporarily. This is a lame head fake of some sort, mark my words–hey, maybe some of you will get the other wars you want!

    • The panel of “experts” – i.e. Krauthammer et al – on Fox’s Special Report just discussed how the “leak” wasn’t really a leak – there were four sources as to the “covert” operation.

      Don’t you know those evil-doers like “Al Quds” John Brennan are positively gleeful with the war games they’ve wrought? And how the “mainstream” media sucks up to them no matter how many times they’ve been lied to? Makes me sick.