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White House Can’t Stage Manage a Speech

Did you notice?

It was really odd. President Obama would look to the right, look to the left, and then suddenly look to the center.

Why did he do this?

The right and left movement was the typical look of a speech, where Obama appears to be speaking to different parts of the audience when what he’s really doing is looking at the teleprompter on each side of him.

Fine. Looks normal, at least. But since he was not really meaning to communicate with his live audience, but trying to talk directly to the American people watching the telly, he would at certain points look directly into the camera, where the American people are, at home.

This had a decidedly weird effect. As usual, the White House couldn’t make a decisive choice. If they wanted Obama to speak to his citizens, he should have just delivered the speech from the Oval Office. But if he they wanted the effect of him giving a speech, then he should have just appeared to be giving a speech.

The weirdness partially eclipsed Obama’s successful effort to sound determined and commanding. He spoke like he was actually in charge of the armed forces.

Man, I’m beginning to think the guy from The Rent is too Damn High Party will be able to beat Obama in 2012, given the ineptness of the assistance he is getting.

"I'm coming, Obama"

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  1. “If they wanted Obama to speak to his citizens, he should have just delivered the speech from the Oval Office.”

    This is the part I couldn’t figure. And, if there was any speech where he should have forsaken the prompters, it needed to be this one.

  2. Obama keeps moving his head because we lowly, ignorant, unwashed masses (i.e. US Citizens) are not allowed to look directly at… Obama The Messiah!!!

  3. He’s been doing the side-to-side motion for so long, it’s probably automatic. If you watch him during photo ops with other world leaders, he does the head swivel even when he’s not speaking.

  4. Ping pong pontificating.

    Side to side to side to sidie to…

    Kinda like how policy is made there too.

    Why did the NOT just have Obama give the speech from the Resolute desk in the Oval Office. Even in the smallest details, the Regime over micro manages and makes weird, odd, awkward choices.

  5. The MSM won’t criticize MrO’s head bobs or his choice to speak to us, but we notice these things.
    When MrO gave his famous speech in TucsonAZ after the horrible shootings there, the MSM was estatic with his “masterly rhetoric” and the message of civility. The people of Arizona were appalled and disgusted by the audience’s cheering and applause, by the campaign t-shirts distributed to everyone and the lack of solemn grief that we felt after the tragedy.

    While most of America is in a recession/depression with high unemployment and no end in sight, better that the WhiteHouse keep the lavish parties and FirstFamily vacations limited. Watching the Prez over the last 2 years give away billions of our dollars to the “fat cats” that he claims are ruining our country and then seeing him scrounge campaign money from these same “fat cats” has caused a lot of resentment and anger.
    When the POTUS only talks to his base supporters, he is their Prez, not ours and that matters.

    • Yeah, forget us, the dumb old citizens out here in the sand staring at a cactus from our overmortgaged houses, with our jobless kids in the back room…and our idiotic local politicans, too!

  6. I did not watch him. I watched the Tennessee-Norte Dame Women’s NCAA playoff game. He is sorta like Jerry Springer. Whenever I see him I click.

  7. “To be blunt, we went down that road in Iraq. Thanks to the extraordinary sacrifices of our troops and the determination of our diplomats, we are hopeful about Iraq’s future. But regime change there took eight years, thousands of American and Iraqi lives, and nearly a trillion dollars. That is not something we can afford to repeat in Libya.”
    He’s such a big, fat baby.
    The truth is, he has no idea how Libya will end – and won’t care after Nov ’12 – one way or the other.

  8. He appears to have learned that the ancient Liberal fall-back position of sanctions, asset siezure, wishful thinking and harsh language from the UN is worthless without the threat of force. Kim Jong Il knows it, the Mullahs know it and Saddam Hussein knew it.
    Speaking of Saddam, Barack should ring up George and thank him. Because George chased that guy down a rat hole Barack doesn’t have to deal with that friggin’ idiot in times like these.
    Speaking of George, Colin Powell told him he would own Iraq if he broke it. Barack should take heed that wise advice with a little less Mussolini and a little more humilty.

    • RIGHT! What makes Obama think Saddam wouldn’t be causing a whole mess of trouble for him, including reviving his WMD program once everyone backed off sanctions and inspections, which they would have done years ago.

  9. If you watch his speech without sound (preferred method), it becomes obvious he was cued when to look at the camera.
    “Ya still lookin’ at me, ain’t’cha, America?”
    He checks to see if we’re buying it.

    (perhaps I have too much time on my hands)

  10. Good.Now I dont feel so crazy…
    Btw..I printed a copy of what the rebels”on drugs”want for a new Libya..If they pull it off,DAMN RIGHT its worth a billion dollars.All day long.
    Now lets get Assad while we have the fire power sitting right there.He will be easy,1 cruise missile into his condo,end the blood line there too,once and for all

  11. Someone at the NYT asked if they could’t get more flags? I laughed. That back and forth is his parakeet on a perch thing–I thought he looked cross overall.