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War Goal Now Includes Qaddafi’s Removal

Allied coalition leaders made clear after meeting today that the war will not end until Muammar Qaddafi is dethroned, according to a report on the meeting by the New York Times.

What was ostensibly an operation to protect the Libyan people appears now to have become a campaign to defeat Qaddafi.

None of this made any sensen anyway. How can you protect the Libyan people with Qaddafi still in charge?

As I’ve written, there is no way that we can get in a war with another country and not destroy its leadership. Otherwise, that leadership will come back to bite us real hard, particularly Qaddafi.

Going to war against Qaddafi and not removing him is or should be an impeachable offense, because it’s a de facto failure to protect our country from harm.

15 Responses to War Goal Now Includes Qaddafi’s Removal

  1. Given that the Rebels – let’s just call them Al Qaeda for the time being – have already aquired SA-7s from Libyan Armed Forces stockpiles, can you press Jay Carney on what munitions we’re giving them? Stingers? Demo? Anti-tank weapons?
    What will bite US in the ass in 3 years?
    “Jay, what will bite us in the ass?”

    • Very astute question.
      If we don’t have boots on the ground already, Army SF and CIA SAD will be there shortly I’m sure. We seem to have taken the job of getting the Rebel’s Shit Together. An SF Combat Search And Rescue (CSAR) team has already been in for that F-15E we lost last week.
      That’s mission creep: send in some guys, send some guys to get them out, send teams for Battle Damage Assessments and they take fire requring more guys, etc. We’ll be hearing about ground casualities next week.

    • Check out some of the footage of rebels firing small arms. They look like they have had some training somewhere. Al Qaeda training camp maybe?


    1. ORGANIZATIONAL RESPIONSIBILITY FOR WAR. Why is NATO helping us? The mission objective for NATO is “North Atlantic” – has nothing to do with North Africa. The responsibility for removing the insane, Islamic sex-fiend Quadaffi should be on the shoulders of the anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist, anti-American, pro-terrorist, Arab League, not NATO, the U.S. or the EU. Who will fund this? Why not the Arab League and Saudi Arabia? Why not Iraq and Kuwait? (Two nations we liberated, but who currently fund Islamic terrorism).

    2. WHAT IS IT? First we are FOR Q’s removal, then were not. Now NATO is for his removal, before the French were against it. What is it?

    3. WHERES THE PRESS? The Rebels have Al Queda links …. why has the media decided not to report on this? Soros has funded Open Society groups in the Middle East with links to Al Queda, Hamas, Fatah and the Muslim Brotherhood, which also have links to the Rebels. Why has no one in the (state run) media looked into this? (Because they have their heads up Obama’s ass, thats why).

    4. BLAME BUSH. If the Rebels DONT win and Quadaffi remains … what next? Wheres the exit strategy? When does Bush officially get blamed for this by the media and Obama?

    5. Where is my Haldol?

    • A war by committee.
      The MSM, caught by their constant support of this Prez, are trying desperately to spin this in a positve way. This morning;” half of Americans support the Prez in this action”. They could have said that the other half doesn’t support the Prez, but that’s not positive.
      MrsClinton said this morning that they don’t really know who the rebels are but they are looking into it.
      I don’t see a way out that would benefit the US or the Libyans.
      We have grabbed the tiger by the tail, for sure.

      • We have grabbed the tiger by its tail and were now being swung wildly about the plain ….

        The liberal MSM simply refuse to recognize its own *hypocrisy* after labelling Bush a tyrant/fascist/baby killer for Iraq and Afghanistan.

        Now were nation building again………….

  3. Let me understand this clearly so I make no mistake:
    1. The President of the United States will turn combat operations over to the United States,
    2. Qaddafi must leave if he does not stay,
    3. and the only ground troops will be Al Qaeda?