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Today’s Obama Poll || Libya

A new poll by USA Today and Gallup finds the country split on President Obama’s handling of the Libya crisis, with 44 percent saying he doing a good job and 44 percent saying he’s not.

The views may have as much to do with whether you like Obama or not, as most Republicans give him a thumbs down and most Democrats approve.

The country is also split on whether the goal of the operation should be limited to a no fly zone or if it should include offing Qaddafi, except both Republicans and Democrats favor adding Qaddafi’s removal to the mix while independents do not.

12 thoughts on “Today’s Obama Poll || Libya”

  1. If this poll reflected how they were going to cast a vote for President tomorrow, MrO would lose.
    If a President starts a war and the majority of the voters are against it, he has lost credibility.

  2. I believe the action is correct, just more than 3 weeks late. Too indecisive. Too worried about his being liked and his “campaign mode”.

  3. Wait until Quadaffi brings down an airliner in the Pacific or bombs a rural shopping mall … then “Obama’s War” will begin to take shape. Will be in Libya for the next 10 years ….

  4. Notable is the Democrat support for this undeclared war (at 61% in this survey) which will drop like a rock with the first American fatality, hostage taking, or military strategic failure. Then … the current 44% – 44% tie will become a 60/40 opposed which is more in line with reality and Obama will be tagged with a huge failure, as he ought to in this ill-advised war.

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