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Obama Morning News || March 29, 2011

President Obama spoke to the nation about Libya last night, portraying the U.S. role as limited and arguing that we couldn’t allow Qaddafi to massacre his people. But the U.S. part in the Libya operation is greater than President Obama has been letting on, according to the New York Times.

Many Republicans were not won over by the president and the potential GOP candidates blasted it.

While a government shutdown looms, Obama’s designated budget negotiator, Vice President Biden, has been mostly AWOL. Obama and the Democrats offered the GOP deeper cuts in an effort to reach a deal.

Obama said he can’t suspend deportations, rejecting what some see as a back-door legalization effort. And the president has a new plan to help distressed homeowners, while Republicans move to end his last one.

With former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs possibly going to Facebook, it’s clear tech companies love to hire out of the Obama administration, since Gibbs is not the only one.

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  1. What a mess! This morning talking heads claim that NATO is delaying the takeover of the lead in this war. Also, MrsClinton will talk with “representatives” of the Libyan rebels who want us, the US, to supply them with tanks, anti-tank weaponry and firearms, none of which the civilian population knows how to operate. The NFZ that became the KMA is now transforming into the WTF war in Libya.

    aww. VPBiden isn’t on task with his duty to get the budget passed so the Prez is going to have to step up with some serious negotiations with the hated Repubs who want to cut,cut and gut the “important” national programs so dear to the Dems.

  2. Is Biden in deep hiding to start phasing him out? Does Biden have to leave the ticket to make way for Hillary (to neutralize her, take her out of running against Barry in ’12–with the ‘promise’ of 16 being ‘all hers’)?

    And…with Gibberish going to FaceBook…I wonder how Farmville will fair for him?

  3. Forget the massive federal debt, forget 3 wars at the same time, forget over 30 states are teetering on bankrupcy, tens of thousands of cities and counties are financially flat broke, forget about all of that. Our DingleBarry needs to spend more money…yea..spend and spend and spend and spend and spend. Go out and spend some money, that you don’t really have. It’s the newest and greatest rage. Run up your card like a drunken sailor. Spend baby Spend. Insert fork, we’re done.

  4. Instead of the link Im going to cut n paste a copy of the rebels outlook plan..Good information for your readers with doubts,while keeping them on your glorious site….ok,there’s the suck up:P All you haters,give democracy a chance here…
    A vision of a democratic Libya
    The interim national council hereby presents its vision for rebuilding the democratic state of Libya. This vision responds to the needs and aspirations of our people, while incorporating the historical changes brought about by the 17 February revolution.

    We have learnt from the struggles of our past during the dark days of dictatorship that there is no alternative to building a free and democratic society and ensuring the supremacy of international humanitarian law and human rights declarations. This can only be achieved through dialogue, tolerance, co-operation, national cohesiveness and the active participation of all citizens. As we are familiar with being ruled by the authoritarian dictatorship of one man, the political authority that we seek must represent the free will of the people, without exclusion or suppression of any voice.

    The lessons of our past will outline our social contract through the need to respect the interests of all groups and classes that comprise the fabric of our society and not compromise the interests of one at the expense of the other. It is this social contract that must lead us to a civil society that recognises intellectual and political pluralism and allows for the peaceful transfer of power through legal institutions and ballot boxes; in accordance with a national constitution crafted by the people and endorsed in a referendum.

    To that end, we will outline our aspirations for a modern, free and united state, following the defeat of the illegal Gaddafi regime. The interim national council will be guided by the following in our continuing march to freedom, through espousing the principles of political democracy. We recognise without reservation our obligation to:

    1. Draft a national constitution that clearly defines its nature, essence and purpose and establishes legal, political, civil, legislative, executive and judicial institutions. The constitution will also clarify the rights and obligations of citizens in a transparent manner, thus separating and balancing the three branches of legislative, executive and judicial powers.

    2. Form political organisations and civil institutions including the formation of political parties, popular organisations, unions, societies and other civil and peaceful associations.

    3. Maintain a constitutional civil and free state by upholding intellectual and political pluralism and the peaceful transfer of power, opening the way for genuine political participation, without discrimination.

    4. Guarantee every Libyan citizen, of statutory age, the right to vote in free and fair parliamentary and presidential elections, as well as the right to run for office.

    5. Guarantee and respect the freedom of expression through media, peaceful protests, demonstrations and sit-ins and other means of communication, in accordance with the constitution and its laws in a way that protects public security and social peace.

    6. A state that draws strength from our strong religious beliefs in peace, truth, justice and equality.

    7. Political democracy and the values of social justice, which include:

    a. The nation’s economy to be used for the benefit of the Libyan people by creating effective economic institutions in order to eradicate poverty and unemployment – working towards a healthy society, a green environment and a prosperous economy.

    b. The development of genuine economic partnerships between a strong and productive public sector, a free private sector and a supportive and effective civil society, which overstands corruption and waste.

    c. Support the use of science and technology for the betterment of society, through investments in education, research and development, thus enabling the encouragement of an innovative culture and enhancing the spirit of creativity. Focus on emphasising individual rights in a way that guarantees social freedoms that were denied to the Libyan people during the rule of dictatorship. In addition to building efficient public and private institutions and funds for social care, integration and solidarity, the state will guarantee the rights and empowerment of women in all legal, political, economic and cultural spheres.

    d. A constitutional civil state which respects the sanctity of religious doctrine and condemns intolerance, extremism and violence that are manufactured by certain political, social or economic interests. The state to which we aspire will denounce violence, terrorism, intolerance and cultural isolation; while respecting human rights, rules and principles of citizenship and the rights of minorities and those most vulnerable. Every individual will enjoy the full rights of citizenship, regardless of colour, gender, ethnicity or social status.

    8. Build a democratic Libya whose international and regional relationships will be based upon:

    a. The embodiment of democratic values and institutions which respects its neighbours, builds partnerships and recognises the independence and sovereignty of other nations. The state will also seek to enhance regional integration and international co-operation through its participation with members of the international community in achieving international peace and security.

    b. A state which will uphold the values of international justice, citizenship, the respect of international humanitarian law and human rights declarations, as well as condemning authoritarian and despotic regimes. The interests and rights of foreign nationals and companies will be protected. Immigration, residency and citizenship will be managed by government institutions, respecting the principles and rights of political asylum and public liberties.

    c. A state which will join the international community in rejecting and denouncing racism, discrimination and terrorism while strongly supporting peace, democracy and freedom.

    For a supposed bunch of terrorist thugs on drugs,this is pretty straight…Got to try….

    • Good luck on turning Libya into a democracy.
      Cannot the US learn by seeing what has transpired, and not, in both Afghanistan and Iraq over the past ten years?

    • Jeff, I would be happy for Libya if they were able to form a constitutional republic like ours; however, after reading their declaration I can tell you that ain’t it. I always cringe when I see that term “social justice”, otherwise known as marxism. What does “…ensuring the supremacy of international humanitarian law and human rights declarations” mean? Something the UN cooked up? Sounds like ‘one world order’ lingo to me. Americans can support their struggle for freedom, but that screed doesn’t read like they plan on forming a constitutional republic to me.

      • When I was an Episcopalian, “social justice” meant protesting against “the Jewish State”. Everything about social justice is couched in anti-Semitic bigotry against Jews, Judaism and the State of Israel. Is it no wonder that Episcopal Church USA is liberal? Led by a feminist, anti-Semitic lesbian?

        • Here we calling. It never ends. HATERS!
          Yes, we are haters and we’re going to H*ll because we deserve to go to H*ll. OK?
          Now, back to some civility and respecting other’s opinions.

        • There are haters on both sides,and Im not speaking to you directly…I just think both sides should open their eyes to what is on both sides of the coin,and the benefit’s and repercussions resulting from both actions.Its just like Hillary said to congress on the muslim world concerning women voting… You cant alienate half the people and get where you would by allowing everyone a say…EVERYONE deserves a chance,where all here..We must make the best of it.