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Obama Morning News || March 28, 2011

President Obama will address the nation on the Libya crisis tonight, and some are looking not only for a rationale but for and endgame. Republican presidential candidates scolded Obama on his handling of the operation. The Libya action has created a backlash against Obama abroad. Obama officials avoided Fox on the Sunday shows yesterday.

Former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs may be headed to Facebook, suggesting he plans to have a minimal role at best for Obama in the presidential campaign.

Obama and Republicans are making little progress in budget talks as a shutdown looms.

Obama is going over the Washington media’s head to broadcast his message, interviewing with outlets from local stations from battleground states, sometimes with surprising results.

And in an opinion piece, the Washington Post’s Jackson Diehl writes about Benyamin Netanyahu’s biggest headache: Barack Obama.

4 thoughts on “Obama Morning News || March 28, 2011”

  1. MrGibbs to Facebook:
    Facebook is the largest social internet connection in America and assuming that he’s only going to be minimally involved in MrO’s reelection sounds like misdirection.
    Avoiding FOX again:
    Just as the Prez avoids the WH Press corp who might ask pesky or irritating questions, his Cabinet members avoid FOX. As the 2012 election campaign nears, MrO seems to have written off all the yokels in fly-over country and is focusing on his traditional base in the East.
    Preaching to the choir comes to mind with this selective access by the candidate.

  2. Gibberish is coming back!?! And he will be on Facebook!?! Maybe he will ‘friend’ me!!! Oh the snarky good times ahead!!! Carney (sorry) just doesn’t have the hemhawing, backpeddling, pinache of ‘Bagdad Bob.’

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