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Gates: Libya Not in our Vital National Interest

Appearing on the Sunday TV show circuit yesterday as a duo with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said that while the United States has “interests” in Libya, they are not vital national interests, and that our intervention was done to prevent a massacre and to help our allies, for whom Libya is a vital national interest.

The New York Times has a good summary of the Bob and Hillary show.

Seems to me the message is that President Obama’s speech to the nation tonight will have nothing new, except gravitas, which is kind of welcome.

8 Responses to Gates: Libya Not in our Vital National Interest

  1. SOS was asked about what she and current POTUS said on the campaign trail regarding congressional approval for going to war. She had a great answer–something about ‘this type of action wasn’t what they were talking about’ then. Straight face, no squirming +1.
    I was impressed; I can’t do that.

  2. That was the most painful foreign policy spin since Pres. Obama’s first presser where he was asked about the Iranian uprisings and spent a good minute stumbling for an answer.