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Obama: Libya Action has Saved Thousands

Obama’s weekly video previews his defense Monday night of the war with Libya.

In places like Benghazi, a city of some 700,000 that Qaddafi threatened to show “no mercy,” his forces have been pushed back.  So make no mistake, because we acted quickly, a humanitarian catastrophe has been avoided and the lives of countless civilians—innocent men, women and children—have been saved.

This is true. But he’ll have to offer some reasons why this is in the U.S. national security interest if he wants to keep the public with him for an operation that will involve the United States more intensely and for a longer period of time than he thinks.

17 thoughts on “Obama: Libya Action has Saved Thousands”

  1. To keep Obama from playing golf, basketball or going to a baskeball game Saturday they put him in a closet and kept guard. They let him out once to this watch this speech. It worked.

  2. Just like the start of the NFZ, the Prez’s address on Monday will be too little, too late. The Prez’s former BFF’s, Russia and Brazil, have joined the world chorus that is protesting our involvement in Libya. There’s no consensus of approval for this action outside of NATO’s chambers.

    The public has already decided that the whole administration doesn’t know what they’re doing, who’s in charge and where they’re headed.
    We don’t care about the Libyans, the Syrians or any other Muslim country’s internal problems. They don’t like us and we say ‘right back atcha’.

    1. On MTP, I heard–have not seen it yet–Hillary cut off Gates when he said Libya was not a vital national interest–and defended not letting the border with Tunisia be compromised or some nonsense…Gates never spoke again in the segment–I heard anyway. The wheels may be coming off…someone get these people a Slurpee.

  3. Using Dear Leader’s logic (saving the humanity in Libya) when will bombing commence in:



    London, England?

    Topeka, Kansas (hey…the Jayhawks ruined that was left of Barracketology).

    Why the proclamation that we will NOT ‘go after and take out’ Khadaffy? (I know, probably because Moammar is sweet on Buh-Rock).

    None of this makes sense. None of it. And to add the insult to the injuries the US has received at the hands of radical Islam, we are now effectively supporting and arming both the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaidda.

    W. T. F? (And no, not winning the future).

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