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Where Have You Gone, Henry Kissinger?

Wanted to share this video of an appearance by Henry Kissinger on Greta Van Sustern’s show the other day.

Watch it. Bask in the warmth of the clarity, depth, and wisdom of the analysis of the Libya situation. Notice the effortless recourse to strategic thinking by the man, where the urgency  of the chattering class about Libya crisis is cast indelicately aside in favor of a sober understanding of the broader national security issues facing the United States.

And ask yourself, do you feel any single tiny bit of confidence that we have anyone running out foreign policy and looking out for ournational security who can play international chess like this man? Who understands the world affairs, history, and U.S. interests in the way that Kissinger does?

What exactly qualified Hillary Clinton to be Secretary of State? Nothing, except a book Obama had just read, “Team of Rivals” by Doris Kearns Goodwin, that suggested he should act like Lincoln and put his antagonists in the Cabinet. And to keep Hillary from challenging him in 2012.

And National Security Adviser Tom Donillon? He’s an amateur who spent most of the last decade as a lobbyist.

Not saying we need Kissinger. But we need someone like him.

9 Responses to Where Have You Gone, Henry Kissinger?

  1. Oh, my goodness..memories; VietNam, TrickyDick, anti-war protests and Watergate. Only PrezNixon and MrKissinger could have pulled off the diplomatic coup of the century; the opening of trade with China.
    MrKissinger exuded gravitas with every word, every raise of the eyebrow and was respected around the world. Then, the SoS had the complete confidence and support of the Prez, what MrKissinger said or promised was gold.
    Today, MrsClinton, who may be doing a superb job as SoS, doesn’t have the kind of support that is necessary to convince other nations of our peaceful intentions or our goals. There is no clear agenda for our foreign affairs, no one who can say with authority where we’re headed or why.

    Sad to say, but PrezObama has surrounded the Oval office with political cronys, patronage appointments and a cabinet that he never consults.
    Making MrsClinton might have been a good political move, but a bad choice for the future of our country.

  2. How refreshing to hear the facts, without the spin. Mr. Kissinger is a true statesman, unlike the current crop of lackeys whose primary function appears to be CYA for a flawed ideologue. Really miss those days when we could trust our leaders actions to be in the best interest of America.

  3. 20,000 young American men, countless Vietnamese killed on Nixon and Kissinger’s watch for a negotiated withdrawal that could have been had in 1969 at the outset of Nixon’s first term. If I had that many “pawns” to sacrifice for no gain, I’d be Bobby Fischer. But maybe you’re too young or ill-educated to know that, Keith.

    • There is no reason to insult Keith in order to make your case. The United States was at war in Vietnam, in one way or another, since 1949. We started out funding France at their failed invasion. JFK was the first to escalate the number of ‘military advisors’ in 1963. LBJ just kicked the can down the road. He was like Obama, more interested in getting Americans under the government’s thumb with his great society than worrying about all the soldier’s dying in remote jungle. Yes, there are a lot of long-dead politicians we can blame for the loss of so many young American lives during that terrible war, but you can not lay the blame entirely on the shoulders of Nixon and Kissinger.

  4. We need actual statesman, or stateswomen who have a factual understanding of the region. Apparently something Obama did not consider necessary. Unfortunately we are not going to see any improvement until this whole administration is gone. Then we will spend 4 years undoing the damage they have done. We will really have to do a world apology tour for inflicting this mess upon the USA and the rest if the world.