As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Good News for Obama

It’s too cold in Washington to go golfing this weekend and further screw up his image.

7 Responses to The Good News for Obama

  1. Michelle O planted her garden March 8th or so. I knew it was way too early and a total sham. Those seedlings can’t survive 20 degree weather but they had the photo-op then because of her busy schedule. The White House grows their own plants in their greenhouse. They’ll transplant almost mature plants in a month and voila, harvest time….or they’ll go to Whole Foods.

  2. Keith, Barry will find a way to remind all that it IS good to be King.

    Either of the girls have basketball game (they don’t need to actually be there to play–Mr. Soetaro will just show up to coach.); or will Me!chelle suddenly HAVE to go to the DC Farmers Market?

    Anything to generate that 14 car motorcade; mobilzed hundreds of LEOs; and disrupt the Saturday morning commutes of thousands.

    Not to fret…our insecure Royalty (“Buh-Rock, you best be doing something to keep us here, I’m not leaving in 2013”) will find something ‘to keep it real.’