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Correction to the Post “Today’s Top Suck Up . . .”

As the post originally appeared March 24:

HEADLINE: Today’s Top Suck up . . .

Is ABC’s Jake Tapper, who said during the White House “gaggle” this morning with Press Secretary Jay Carney . . .

“First of all, we missed you, Jay. Welcome back.”

So sweeeet. And BTW, Mr. Carney, sir, can you give me a good story?



CORRECTION: Jake contacted me to inform me that both POLITICO, which ran the quote above, and the White House transcript of the gaggle, which said the same thing, are wrong. Apparently the mix up stemmed from Carney saying “we missed you Jake,” to which Jake responded, “Welcome back.” The names “Jay” and “Jake” sound a lot alike. I am satisfied that Jake did not say “we missed you, Jay,” and so I am correcting the record.

Jake suggested that I should have contacted him. I meant this piece mostly in fun, which is why I didn’t. But given the viral nature of the Internet  and news today, and the prospect that mild statements can be blown way out of proportion, something like this could harm his reputation. Furthermore, Jake is not a public servant, who are more open to lampooning of this type without need for comment.

So he is right, I should have contacted him, and I apologize to him for not doing so. He did not ask for an apology, but I think it’s warranted.

This article was originally published March 24, 2011.

21 Responses to Correction to the Post “Today’s Top Suck Up . . .”

      • That reminds me of a joke.

        One day, an old man saw a group of youngsters sitting outside on a bar patio drinking and smoking. He glared at them and shouted, “Look at you! Wasting your lives! Look at me! I’m a vegetarian, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t eat sugar, and I don’t chase women! And tomorrow I’m going to celebrate my 98th birthday!” After a few seconds of silence, one of the youngsters replied, “How?”

  1. My mother is 93 and claims she won’t eat meat–and she says it with a piece of bacon in her HAND! We say, “What is that, Mom?” She says, “Bacon.” What are you gonna do. She will outlive me!

  2. You are correct to apologize. If both Politico and the White House had it like that, I can understand how you would think they were correct.

  3. I was surprised by the initial post, and happy to hear it didn’t happen. Tapper is a straight shooter and one of the few correspondents left that ask good questions. Always admired him for his ability to bring up topics that are embarrasing to top officials…ABC’s This Week is lost without his curious mind and right down the middle perspective.

  4. Only someone with integrity, honesty and character would apologize. So, Keith, that means you would *never* be able to join the Obama White House! :-)

      • They did the bad cop/good cop routine w/ Fox too. For the first 2 yrs, Fox was Satan Incarnate, dissed by Gibbs & Dunn & the rest of the crowd.

        Come January it was a different story. Valerie Jarrett’s been interviewed by Fox anchors; Axelrod & his wife came on to discuss the care of their disabled daughter; Obama gave the Super Bowl interview to squishy O’Reilly.

        Reminds me of fraternity/military hazing – treat the new recruit like crap – then start acting like he’s your best bud. Breeds an intense desire to please in some perverse way.

  5. Oh, for pete’s sake, the Press is still a bunch of suck-ups and masters of the bunny-puff question.
    The only part of the Press that this WhiteHouse respects is FOX cable news. FOX is what the Press used to be.

    • I agree. Fox has its weaknesses–I watch it a LOT–so I could delineate them. But overall, they get it all in, and above all, are interesting and engage you. I need SOME entertainment! apart from WHD.