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Today’s Obama Poll || Huckabee Leads GOP Field

Mike Huckabee leads the field of likely and potential GOP contenders for President Obama’s jobs, according to a poll conducted March 18-22 by Gallup. Huckabee is favored by 19 percent, followed by Romney at 15 percent. Despite a spate of bad recent publicity about her viability as a candidate and the growing unhappiness with her among conservative leaders, Sarah Palin runs fairly strong at 12 percent, followed by Newt Gingrich at 10 percent. Ron Paul’s enthusiastic but narrow base puts him at 6 percent, and hot new item Michele Bachmann – who just formed and exploratory committee – is at five percent.

5 thoughts on “Today’s Obama Poll || Huckabee Leads GOP Field”

  1. Oh my. Soetaro must be plummeting worse than thought, if Gallup is trotting out ‘see how WEAK ‘ the Conservatives are’ polls this early (and with some regularity).

    Now it is a given that all media must circle the proverbial wagons around Dear Leader (least any of the waggoners be called ‘RAAACIST’ for not supporting Moammar’s “beloved son.” What is NOT so given is the glaringly obvious omission (in the text atleast) of two. One sort of declared, in The Donald; and one definite declaree, Herman Cain. Seems like once again, the “elite” are rallying behind the WEAKEST on the R side possible…clearing the way for WEAKEST President ever to coast in.

  2. The numbers are weak because no true conservative has decided who they are going to back for the nomination. At least not yet. 2012 will be a very important election cycle. It will determine whether we remain a constitutional republic or become a banana republic. Very important decisions require considered deliberation. Once we separate the wheat from the chaff, the right person will come forward. Of that, I have no doubt.

    As we all know by now, all Republicans are not conservatives. Separating voters by political party rather than by ideology will not yield very accurate poll results.

  3. If I had to pick right now I’d go with Gingrich. However, if Romney gains more followers I will campaign for whichever candidate is right on his heels. I really do feel his particular religion is a huge problem. Many thought Bush allowed his faith to get in the way. Faith is different than religion. Romney’s religion could seriously lead us into an even worse place than I think Obama ever could.

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